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    Maintenance release:

    Is it possible to create a swap partition to assist with only 512meg ram in the m201d devices? Trying to stream live HD content that I know streams smoothly (have tried on my phone) but keeps buffering so am putting it down to ram. Phone is on wifi and box is LAN

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    Most of the changes in the latest build are Kodi related. One of them took some work off the CPU and that's where you might see a performance gain from. Unfortunately most of Video Player tweaks we are using in Jarvis don't apply to Krypton and tweaking will have to be started over. ;)

    At this point I think there will be one more Jarvis build for both S805 and S905 - then Krypton starts.

    Have you seen / hear about this dirty cow bug in the Linux kernel? Does it affect le?

    9 Year Old Linux Kernel bug dubbed 'Dirty Cow' can Root every version of Android

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    There were some playback issues after video refactoring in Krypton but thanks to Codesnake's efforts it's improving. At this point I can't say whether it's better or worse than Jarvis as haven't used Krypton much. And yes, Confluence is available as an add-on for Krypton.

    For a home server maybe you should consider buying an Odroid? They are only a bit more expensive than Chinese boxes yet much more flexible OS-wise and with great manufacturer and community support.

    So at this stage it looks likely that Krypton will run fine on the 805 chipsets? Kodi 17 won't be the kryptonite for these boxes? [emoji23]

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    Thanks kiwi-man, that works perfectly! Now to get the courage to flash the NAND, instead of running from SD card. Many thanks to kszaq and everyone else that worked to make this possible!! You guys are awesome! I will be making a donation this week after I get paid - am beyond broke after an unexpected timing belt failure in my wife and I's only car.....GRRRRR!!

    From what I've managed to understand, flashing to nand only gives very slight improvements over running off sd so if you aren't too keen to flash nand, don't. I haven't so I have dualboot if I require, which I do like to be able to to use Skype on the big screen. Lol

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    I accidentally powered off an MXQ while upgrading from 5.0.8 to the latest release. Usually you would type 'exit' and it will reboot but doing that just reboots to this prompt. Is there any way to unbrick this? The toothpick method doesn't even register

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    If you have your original Android fw, have you tried flashing that back first?

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    Check LibreELEC for dl links and read up on how to boot from sd card too. Try the hd18q sd builds and start with the latest release [emoji4]

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    Something I've been meaning to ask for a while, when changing skin from the default le confluence skin you loose the option to reboot to nand how do you go about rebooting to nand from within Kodi without the need to remove and card to boot into Android? Is there a command I can send to the box or modify an XML to add that option back in?

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    ok i did that and put it in configfiles still no work. i must have the wrong remote file. now im having bigger problems finding out the boxes i got are 512 gig of rams.
    ok with 512 gig ram if i constantly clear cache, thumbnail and purge packages will that keep it from freezing?

    So yeah, if your box only boots up the m201d version then chances are it's a 512meg device even thou it was probably advertised as a 1 gig unit. We have been over this with kszaq and if I understood him correctly in android these boxes use a 512meg swap to provide 1 gig ram. Cunning and totally inaccurate. I don't have any major problems with my 512 device. Only thing I've noticed is buffering but that could be due to sources or my Internet speed more than the box not having enough ram to buffer. It seems to be manly live streaming services I have that issue with thou

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    You can try Spotify Addon for Kodi: Spotify for Kodi (read about workaround for RPi, this should also work here) or maybe try to stream audio via AirPlay. I'm not sure if the latter is possible, haven't tried that. There is no way to stream audio from phone to LE over BT.

    That's OK, moderation is fast. As long as the sellers don't bundle piracy addons they are allowed to install LE, it's free software.

    As for the link I accidentally posted against mod rules [emoji56] I know that type of carryon upsets kodi Devs and just wanted to make sure you knew what was going on. As far as spotify add on goes, I believe you need premium to be able to use it and I don't have premium. I did try airplay but it didn't work very well [emoji17]

    What would be really awesome is if le had cast receiver functionality baked in...... But I'm guessing that will never be able to be done?

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    Hi k.

    I'm looking at a solution to running spotify off my android device but with the ability to listen to it on my stereo via le. Is it possible to cast audio to le?

    EDIT : Sorry about original post mate. I just suddenly realised I had done exactly what you'd ask us not to. Sorry mate. My bad
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    Poida Can you test if this build reads a correct MAC for you: LibreELEC-S805.m201d.arm-7.0-devel-20160614205642-r23062-gbbc99e4.tar
    I've also added a small change that might make remote control wakeup work. Can you test it as well? I don't have access to the box right now and I'll be grateful for results.

    I too can confirm that this dev release also fixes mac address on my v3_1 device too [emoji3]

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    Are both boxes the same motherboard version? If so, which version.

    For a lot of people, with only one box, that will be just fine. It seems to be causing issues if you have more than one on the same LAN (and even then, of course, only if they are both active at the same time)

    Can also confirm that the box does run fine and I have no problems with in connecting to Internet etc but I do only have one box I don't expect to have problems. I would expect in Android my mac address will be as it should be? Haven't booted to android to check that but I can do if required [emoji3]

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    Can you reboot the box, grab log and post it here please?

    Probably you have SSV6051Q WiFi. Until I get a working driver source it's not going to work. Both box and chip manufacturer have not responded to my multiple e-mail requests.

    I too can confirm that the mac address is a generic one (00:01:23:cd:ee:af) on a v3_1 board

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    I have read it and I didn't see it as relevant as I am only looking how to repackage it as an img.
    I thought that there may be a way to do it from LE, as I am using an ancient PC with very little space on it. But it may be able to handle something like writing an img file from SD.
    I am using LibreELEC-S805.MXQ.arm- build on an S805 box and the only thing changed\added is my remote.conf file.

    I don't know for sure but if you are running off SD card I'm pretty sure that with win32diskimager you can either read from the SD or write to it. Try taking out your SD card and read image from it then write that image to another SD. Nothing to loose by trying that?

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    Never used one for anything like this, but I know a bit about them. First point is that they aren't really coolers, at least, not by themselves - they are heat pumps. They take power from an external supply (which means they generate heat) and they use what is known as the Peltier effect to create a temperature difference between the two sides. So, you have to also add a nice big heatsink, which will you mount on the hot side of the device, such that it can perhaps limit that side to maybe 50 or 60 degrees, then the cooler side will be able to take some heat from the chip you put it on and cool it to about 30 to 40 degrees. The down side is that for trying to cool chips in small media players, the heat pump would generate several times more heat than the whole player gave out in the first place, so it's not really that great an idea.

    Fair point about the issue of heat build up inside the box. I knew about needing a heat sink to keep the heated side from over heating but didn't consider where that heat would go. Lol. Maybe just a small heatsink with heat transfer paste and a small fan then........ lol. May be a bit of an over kill.....haha

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    So has anyone experimented with using a thermoelectric cooling device on their board cpu? Was thinking about buy something like this and seeing how it goes. Will need a bigger psu too but if I connect onto the connector inside the case it will be cooling the whole time. Not that my box is running extremely hot but keeping cpu cool especially under high load can only help right??

    Thermoeolectric cooling modules Cooler Cooler TES1-04903 20*20mm
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    (from AliExpress Android)

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