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    I have submitted a pull request which fixes Librespot.

    The corresponding addon will hopefully be available soon.

    Many thanks! Do you know when can we expect the new version of the addon to be available in repository?

    Btw, where did you submit the pull request?

    I'm little confused now about the versions. Which one shouls I use now on LE official latest for RPi2?

    Maybe a different repository from the default? Or just wait until the new appears in the official repo?


    8.2.5 fixed that stuff but a kernel upgrade (an Linux land problem) added another bug Problems with DVBSky / TechnoTrend USB DVB-S2 tuners since LE8 ;(

    it is no terrible bug but is likely not that "super stable" you are looking for

    btw you can install the VNC addon at the rpi, then you can control the rpi from remote ;)

    Pls make sure you have an VNC or otherwise secured connection to your target box. Install the VNC addon and open the port at the router isn't secure at all (+ LE ships default user/pw).

    Oh, this is great news and bad news at same time :) I hope the new bug will be fixed soon. Is there a custom build version between the two releases? One that fixes the old problem but doesn't introduce the new one?

    I know about VNC, but it is still many easier if I have access to hardware. But thanks for the tip!

    Edit: MMAL-Advanced works too for HD channels?

    Hi CvH

    I would like to ask for your kind help. I built some time ago a system for my brother, Rpi2 + HifiBerry DAC + DVBSky S960. It uses an external D-Link active USB HUB for power, it runs fine.

    The problem was (is) with LE 7.x versions, as Tvheadend server and client were running on the same Rpi, there were always continuity errors on HD channels, not watchable unfortunately. I read then (in 2017) about some kernel 4.9 problems and about downgrading deinterlacing quality (something I would like to avoid). Here is the thread: Link

    Is this problem still present? Or can I use the latest LE official and Tvheadend official server and client? I need to make my brother's configuration as stable as possible, since we are far away from each other, and he can't fix this.

    What version of LE and Tvheadend server and client would you recommend?

    Any specific settings, tweaks I need to do?

    Thank you!

    I use it on Odroid C2 with TVH client and Librespot. Everything works perfectly. My version of LE us wrxtasy's latest build.

    Yesterday I installed Librespot, and it worked perfectly with my Android phone.

    Today I registered a new account on the phone, and Librespot is no longer available on my phone. I don't have username and password set in Librespot.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: OK, I have renamed credentials.json to backup, restarted the service and everything works now perfectly.

    Many thanks for your detailed answer. Great news, and thanks for all your hard work.

    By editing the config.txt you mean the usual enable HifiBerry setting and not something related to Librespot, correct?

    So nice plans, I hope your personal reasons will sort out.


    the addon should work with Rpi2+HiFiBerry DAC+, running latest official LE version for RPi2?

    I can't test it atm, that is why I'm asking.

    Is the addon maintained by anybody or the project on GitHub is abandoned now? Don't really see any activity there.


    The recent discussion is something I don't really understand:)

    Anyway, if I would like to use the kernel version that has no artifacts with DVBSky S960 and TVH, running RPi3 and latest LE, which kernel should I use? And how to install that kernel?



    First of all, thank you again for all the great work with LibreElec!

    I would like to ask the person in charge of VDR Backend add-on to please please include VDR-Manager plugin! Basically all the important and required plugins are already included, except the great VDR-Manager. It is such a great plugin, that you can use the VDR-Manager application from your Android device to manage everything related to VDR: check and search EPG, schedule recordings, create/modify/delete custom timers, watch recodings with use of Live or Streamdev plugins (already available as plugins) and watch LiveTV on your Android device (transcoding with is also available, which obviously is not an option for ARM-based devices, but works great on Braswell boards, I use it a lot). The application is really great, and the developer is doing a very good job. I really think it should be included as a plugin for the best PVR backend VDR.

    I'm afraid I don't know how to do it by myself, but I'm more then happy to test the VDR Backend with VDR-Manager included.


    I need to build two boxes for family, one will run Rpi3 with LE, the other Intel N3150 and Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS. Both will need to use VDR.
    What DVB-S2 card would you recommend that work on both LE and and under Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS, if possible with direct kernel support without the need to compile drivers.

    At the moment I'm considering the TechnoTrend Connect S2-4600 HDTV-S2 USB, it is reasonably priced and according to Linux TV it is supported since kernel 4.2 and no need for media_build. Anyone who is using this card successfully? Is it stable and reliable?

    I have experience with DVBSky S960 USB, it is a nice card, it works great with LE, but it looks to me it has some problems with Ubuntu Server 16.04 (US 14.04 is fine, strange).

    I don't want to pay EUR 100+ for a DD Cine2 card.

    Many thanks!

    As Mono is already available as an addon, you can install and run Sonarr manually (for RPi as well). Here's how I run it as a systemd unit. You'd have to change /usr/bin/mono to the location of the mono addon binary.

    Thanks escalade It is excellent news! Do you think you could add Jackett (arm) too? GitHub - Jackett/Jackett: API Support for your favorite torrent trackers.
    It is a must for people with Sonarr and CP and private trackers.

    Speaking of CP: I don't see it in your version, or I'm just looking at wrong place?

    I would also love to see Sonarr in Docker for Libreelec, together with Jackett. The combination of Sonarr + Jackett is the best automation for series for sure.
    Any chances that we see this available? Especially for arm (Raspberry)?