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    Thnk you!

    So if I understand correctly, the way I do it is fine for 8.2.5, plus the bzip2 fix with the cherry-pick line you said.

    This will keep me to the 8.2.5 branch with fix to bzip2, but will not pull the changes added to xorg and mesa that will not work with 304 drivers?

    Did I put the Dual Audio patch at correct location?



    I still use a super Asus board with nVidia ION, and the system needs dual audio support. I know dual audio support is not a great way to go, but it works. Since I both need legacy nVidia drivers AND Dual Audio patch, I will need to compile my own LE 8.2.5. This is the first time I do this, therefore your help would be so much appreciated.

    What I do:

    1. I Forked LE at github.

    2. I modified the nVidia Legacy driver with adding a commit.

    3. Downloaded the patch for Dual Audio from here: Patch

    4. I cloned my fork, changed to 8.2.5, and to the nVidia legacy commit:

    1. git clone
    2. cd ~/
    3. git checkout 8.2.5
    4. git checkout 0d3857e0d755d2f571760b3213c40a3858663a2b

    5. I copied the downloaded Dual Audio patch to: /packages/mediacenter/kodi/patches/

    6. I start to compile:

    1. PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64
    2. PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 tools/download-tool
    3. PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 IMAGE_SUFFIX=gurabli_nvidia_legacy_dualaudio make image

    Is this the correct way to do this?

    Your help is very much appreciated! I'm on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS.

    Installing from zip would have been easier.

    I expect that synchronizing playback time will be tricky, if not impossible, with librespot.

    Nevertheless, I will have a look at what others do, eg Volumio.

    I think synchronizing playback time is not a high-priority, but if it can be done, even better. Then those who like to listen to music while TV is turned on can see nice information, and even lyrics for karaoke:) None of these are important for me, and as kaibenn also said, 99% use Librespot with TV turned OFF. The important thing is that ALSA works perfectly, and TVHeadend zapping is fixed. Great work!

    Here, I am able to continuously zap through my 100+ channels of my Odroid_C2.

    The librespot addon was sending a systemctl stop command each time TVHeadend switched to a new channel, which killed the system.

    Now, the librespot addon only sends a such command when the system.d service is active.

    I can confirm that you have fixed the problem with CoreElec and Librespot (on Odroid C2)! So much thanks, your work is really much appreciated.

    I installed 111j and zapping works perfectly with Librespot service enabled.

    Some remarks&feedback:

    - selecting Kodi as audio device: artist, songs, etc is correctly recognized, but playback starts somewhat slow, and time displayed is not correct. For example, if I pause playback on phone, time keeps going in Kodi (music is paused). Even lyrics are recognized, but are out of sync (actually not working) since the time elapsed is not correct. I don't really care about these functions, I just wanted to report back. I use Librespot 99% with TV switched off and only AVR on.

    - selecting ALSA now works perfectly, the wizard enters the selected playback device. In ALSA mode playback is instant, seeking is instant, it is perfect. Of course, there is no artist/song information in ALSA mode, therefore no lyrics (bad for Karaoke fans) :) I use ALSA, as I said, use AVR with TV turned OFF for music.

    I will continue to use it, should I encounter anything, I will report back. Again, so much thanks for your great work!

    Wow, so much thanks!

    I will check revision 111j once I'm home and report back!

    I can test the CoreELEC version on Odroid C2 now, I'm not using RPi atm (actually yes, but an official LibreElec build with Kodi v17, where librespot works fine with TVHeadend zapping).

    kaibenn I believe he can test it on CoreElec on Wetek Play 2.

    I have seen an Odroid_C2 running this configuration without interference between Librespot and TVHeadend.

    What system and tuner are you using? Also, provide logs.

    Here is the log:

    Odroid C2. It is not working on previous version of CoreElec.

    If Librespot is enabled, then LiveTV can be started, but can't switch channels. If STOP is pressed, then complete freeze. Don't know what can be the problem, I hope you can help to resolve it. Thanks.

    I have seen an Odroid_C2 running this configuration without interference between Librespot and TVHeadend.

    What system and tuner are you using? Also, provide logs.

    It is CoreElec latest, and Tvheadend server running on my server. Let me know what to enable in Logging and I will send you the logs.

    As releasing Librespot to the LibreELEC repositories might take until the end of the week, I post some builds here:

    Many thanks!

    For Odroid C2 version I will have to wait until it is released to the LibreELEC repository, correct?

    I unfortunately do not know when the new version will be available.

    Pull requests are #2709, #2710, #2712 and #2713, all of which have been merged. Thanks to Obrekr librespot for LibreELEC now corresponds to master at librespot-org.

    If you are impatient, you can build the addon from current master (for LibreELEC 9.0) or librelec-8.2 (for LibreELEC 8.2) branches.

    I'm not impatient, I just don't know the release cycle for an addon, that is, how much time it usually takes until a new version is released?

    I will might look into building the addon, but I'm so short on time and I never did it before.

    Thanks so much!