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    I am using following

    1. if pgrep "autossh" > /dev/null
    2. then
    3. :
    4. else
    5. autossh -M 0 -f -N -R <target_machine_availability_port>:localhost:22 <target_machine> -p <target_machine_ssh_port> -o "ServerAliveInterval 30" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" -o "ExitOnForwardFailure yes"
    6. fi

    keys are setuped between Rpi <--> Target_machine already, so simple ssh <target_machine> -p <target_mchine_ssh_port> works out of the box from Rpi shell.

    + just to be sure, crontab item

    1. */15 * * * * /storage/

    Many thanks! I do get the autossh options, but not sure about the tunnel. I want two ports from remote server to be tunneled to my local client, lets say ports 9111 and 9112. The remote server SSH is listening on port 1255.

    And where do you put/edit the in Libreelec?

    I know it's 2 years old but need to ask really ;) How can I operate with this add-on ? :)

    Got script ready but don't think locations will work ? Also don't get what's this is ? "7474:"

    Borygo77 See you didn't have any update on this. I opened another topic asking for help with AutoSSH.

    Maybe you managed to configure this on LE? If yes, could you please help me out?



    I would like to configure remote ssh to a remote server from my Libreelec device and create a tunnel for a port.

    Could you please help me how to configure Autossh on Libreelec?

    Local Libreelec -> Autossh with tunneling a port -> Remote server

    I have Add-on with Autossh installed on my Libreelec box.

    Many thanks

    yes, also 18.04 LTS made no problems, since 18.10 with kernel 4.18 we had this problems. but with 4.19.2 (4.19.0 and 4.19.1 are not working) all seems to be ok ...

    I keep my home servet on 16.04 since it is working perfectly, no need for any upgrade. So I don't know 18.04, but I saw the kernel version and than I postponed the test and migration.

    On LE I have family members with Rpi all in one solutions, there I wait for this update.

    Hello gurabli!

    I have updated to LE 8.9 too and having issues ("poll timeout") with my S960 ever since. To which version did you downgrade? How did you downgrade? Did you get it working? Thanks!


    sorry, but actually I didn't manage to resolve this at all. For a very long time S960 doesn't work with LE, and once a long standing issue is fixed, a new one is introduced :( I'm also waiting if there would be a solution for this in near future. However, based on the past few months/years, I would look for another combination. For example, running several DVBSky cards in my home media server (Ubuntu Server 16.04), it works like a charm for years, not a single error. And running Debian on RPi also works fine. If you don't have high demands, you can run an RPi2/3 with a Debian base for DVBSky S960 and configure TVHeadend server there. Be prepared that Rpi is awful for LAN and USB, but single DVB-S2 works fine (tested). Should you need more tuners, go for a stronger rig than RPi.

    Would be nice if RPi2/3 with LE8/9 + DVBSky USB would work reliable, as that would mean a cheap, simple, low-power combination for Kodi and Live TV.

    Take a look at Odroid C2 and Wetek Play2 devices (later is hard to find).

    yes they are now at the image

    The S960 has still an unresolved problem, no patches are there yet. So if you can stay at something with Kernel 4.8 or older.

    Thanks. Tried the new drivers, but s960 doesn't work with them, only default LE.

    Which version of LE should I revert back until this is resolved? The latest with kernel 4.8 or maybe a custom build that has older kernel?


    Excellent, will test and report back. I am really busy now, but will do my best.

    Do you plan to release a version for LE 8.2.5? Would be great. Or at least to support that branch if a fix is required.

    Many thanks, sounds great!

    Testing on CoreElec Odroid C2 started.

    EDIT: btw, are there any differences in terms of quality in using Kodi vs ALSA mode?

    hi chewitt

    I get a build error on bzip2. Any idea what can I do?

    I updated the of bzip2 as per this: Link Still, it fails. Do you know maybe what else do I need to change?

    EDIT: I managed to fix the build issue with some trial and error.

    Yes, dual-audio patch is horrible, I remember many conversations about it back few years ago. But it works for many years:) I won't ask for support regarding dual-audio, like you said, if it works, then works, if not, I won't use it.

    There is a built version with dual audio patch for 8.2.5 fully working, just not with nvidia legacy drivers. So I wan't to build a version with dual-audio and nvidia legacy drivers. I'm building it right now, will see if the cherry-pick will resolve the build fail because of bzip2 url.

    Will report back for sure.