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    Please read the opening post. This is described in detail by kszaq. Really hard to go wrong ;)
    The main difference betwen the 32/64 build is memeory management. There's a hard-to-solve- issue on 64bit that does not seem to be present in 32bit builds.

    I got this information in this very thread or the last release thread. If you are interested all your questions are anwered already.

    Thank you very much, I looked in the opening post, there is nothing regarding what is 32 what is 64 whats wrong with each, who fits who.... it just says to go 32 if you going clean installing and if u still wanna update then remove some stuff etc, I just wanted to know if 32/64 depending on hardware/box type and whats the actually difference since nothing about it in the first post.

    So I made a regular update with 64, it showed something in the log some issue with the device tree file [which was correct], but it still finished and rebooted, I then decided to go for the 32 fresh install and everything working great and smooth, awesome job again kszaq ;)

    That sounds exactly like the Beelink minimxiii ii, other than the remote . it comes with 1000Mbps LAN and ac wifi.

    I like the idea but not sure how profitable it is
    The only option is to hire kszaq & his team full time and to kill the open source development, to allow it only on YOUR device that way his builds will support only your devices.
    The reason is because once you do finish your device, it will just be between the known Chinese devices, since the hardware is not that different, and the software support [LibreELEC] is also free, there wont be much of a difference, the disadvantage is that others like Beelink can buy the chips much cheaper due to their order being huge.

    I think you need to aim to the crowd that is waiting for the ODROID-C3 or the RPI4[since the latest versions were released 10 months ago, people are definitely holding themselves back from buying them since they expect something new to pop out soon], something like the ODROID-XU4 with LibreELEC support at a cheaper price [Amlogic instead of Exynos5422]

    Just a personal fun project, to make just 1 device, and enjoy the free already developed support, with the right quality and price you might even sell few pieces like 100 tops

    Hello dear friends,

    I thought that in 009 the remote control return button/backspace button has been fixed. But even thought I updated from 008 to 009 the issue is still there. My device is mini m8s ii 1gb ram.

    Does anyone knows how to actually fix that little bug? Thanks!!

    Did you get the correct device tree file? I also had the exact same issue on 008 with the return button not working on the remote that came with the box, after updating to 009 it started working again

    Do a hard reset from LE Settings.
    Then look for it. It should be there . /storage/.update
    You should see .smb then .ssh followed by .update

    Hard reset will remove everything i dont think its worth it, and the backup is of 008 so I cant restore it anyway i think, is this really the only option?
    In putty i can find cd .ssh and also cd .update, so maybe use it that way? Cant do cd .smb tho

    I am thinking that im Already in the Storage folder in putty, thats why it shows me "backup" "lost+found" "music" etc, and the "update" "ssh" "kodi" are hidden folders?

    Command "pwd" shows that im in /Storage location

    Command ls-a shows me that there is a .update folder , also folders like .kodi .cache .config .ssh .swfinfo, so yeah i guess im in the correct folder, can i copy it just with Putty?
    So i used Putty, updated it now its 009, Back button the remote is working!
    Thank you very much bro, hopefully this 009 will be stable. enjoyed playing in Putty for a while, even edited some xml files while in it for stuff that the Skin i use added on startup.


    Cant seem to find the Update folder in the File Manager, and I even connected with Putty and i dont find the Update folder, what is the exact location? and maybe i need to make a new folder name it Update and then put it? if so where

    I think its in the main one, because cd .update worked
    File manager inside the libreelec shows me special://home and special://profile

    The reason i posted here is because 009 did that error from day 1, while 008 was fine for about 2 weeks until the error came.
    Just afraid now the update will ruin it all again, Also to update will I have to clean install it? because thats just not worth it lol spent all day recovering all the addons for my parants
    Where is that Update folder btw? how can I put the files there If im using libre from SD card

    Can i do it in the file manager? one side have a USB drive with the img and on right side find that Update folder?

    Too bad it cant update like OpenELEC could by just clicking a button in kodi lol

    Most S905X Boxes don't require Device Tree added during flash. If you have an issue on boot then choose device tree from the version of LE.

    So i got a kingstone 8gb microsd HC and bought an adapter, 008 with the dtb.img and it works perfectly fine, rebooted like 15 times just to see if it will come with that error and nothing.
    MY only issue now is that the remote that came with the box, the Return button doesnt work, I have a T3 remote that i bought and it does work just fine. is there a way to fix the original remote tho?
    LibreELEC boots extremely fast now compared to the USB drive, so i guess putting it on the eMMc will boot even faster?
    How can i access the folders on the box with LibreELEC? the Android/data folder for example

    Invest in a USB SD card reader so as to use it on your PC.
    Don't install to internal memory until you have a working SD Card version of LE with a working device tree.
    It is only my advice and my opinion. :)

    Im going now to buy an sd card reader, can you please explain me the device tree, the instruction says that on s905x "You can either keep dtb.img that is provided on SD card or download a dedicated way (they will work the same!)." so its already on the SD zip img no?

    Your box is ? Your chip is ? Your ram is ? Your ethernet speed is ?
    Your device tree is ?

    Beelink MXIII II , ethernet speed is 100mb, s905x 2GB ram.

    I will add, that i tried 3 different usb drives, they all manage to install it once, but after a reboot they keep showing me that msg, I cant try it with sdcard because i have no way to connect it to my pc.
    I have no idea what else to try, Only thing left is to install it on the eMMc

    If my only option left is really to install it on the eMMc, i will be happy to do so, but i still didnt find a step by step tutorial and im afraid to ruin the box. because first of all i cant put it on an sd card only usb drive, then connecting over ssh? can that be by using Putty? and thats it?

    Hey guys im new here,
    All was working fine until one day i got
    Error in mount flash: mount_common: could not mount LABEL=BOOT"
    "starting debugging shell... type exit to quit"
    "ssh: can't access tty: job control turned off".

    now I keep getting it every time i reboot the box
    tried a clean install again, same thing from the start, how can i fix it?
    Should i just go and make it boot from eMMC instead of the usb drive?