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    The little I know you need to use correct HDMI port (ARC) between the TV & AVR and maybe even need to turn the Audio Return Channel feature on in the TV settings.

    That's the most I can help with as I have a different setup myself (HDMI->SPDIF passthrough).

    I have no idead how to do that. If you instruct me, I'll try.

    In Confluence main screen the second to last option (to the right) should be Programs (unless you have hidden it in Settings).

    I don't have an access to a box ATM so I can't guarantee LibreELEC Configuration let's you adjust what you want but it's worth to check anyway.

    Is it just me, or is specifying 175ms delay in advancedsettings.xml for 23-24fps material no longer neccessary with the latest build? Seems out of sync.. then I removed the xml and its in sync.

    Whatever occasional/irrational syncing problems I might've had previously seem now totally gone, YMMV.

    I didn't have any delays set as I usually just skipped -10s to fix the sync. Now it's spot on right from the start.

    My problem is, I have an MXQ-S805-v3.2 box which won't install LibreELEC. It just boots into Android.

    Any ideas?

    Do you mean you can't install to internal or the box won't boot LibreELEC from the SD? If latter then maybe a faulty reset button (so the toothpick method won't work)? You could try one of these instead.

    I have tree questions...

    Why wouldn't you just try the Leia build on a separate microSD card?

    Whether your current install is on another card or internal it's still be safe and you can easily go back to it until you decide to move permanently to Leia.

    update to 8.1.4... sadly CEC keeps disconnecting randomly ;(

    cartucho Did you ever get CEC to work reliably with S805?

    I recently learned my old S805 MXQ box that I gave away months ago has been losing CEC some time (a few minutes) after reboot. The box is nowadays connected to a 2010/2011 C6700 series Samsung TV but back when I still had it, CEC was working fine with a couple of years newer ES7000 series model). Last I heard losing the CEC connection was still present with 8.1.6 build.

    I've been having some trouble with caching lately (nothing wrong with the wifi, maybe with SMB sharing, not sure).

    These values seemed to work for me. However, I have a 2GB box, so you might at least want to half the memorysize.

    As usual, YMMV.




    Even though the SD card is visible under Android it's always worth a try to use a different card.

    After that, I'm out of ideas. Hope you get it working, though!

    IIRC, there is no dtb.img file needed with s805. You are booting with the 'toothpick method', right?

    If you are, make sure you

    1) actually press the button (should hear a faint click)

    2) press the button long enough (until the logo, give or take)

    I guess it is also possible that the button is faulty.

    I have to wait for our server guy to fix it ;) if you add /?action=firstNew to the url it works (as said its accidentally removed)

    Sorry if I misunderstood, but firstNew is not the same as last post. I read the forum with a plethora of devices (and browsers) so firstNew very often applies only on that particular device/browser. For me, it's easier to just jump straight to the last post of a particular thread on the list and skim backwards to see if there is something interesting on that thread.

    (EDIT: ok, I just noticed the avatar link. It's quite a hidden feature, but nevertheless, I can work with that)

    Oh, and I noticed that even with a browser width of 1000px (the limit is somewhere near a width of 1027px) the navigation is replaced with the "hamburger" menu which seems a bit overkill. With a 1680x1050 laptop screen I would expect to be able to fit e.g. 2 browser windows side by side and not yet suffer from disappearing/replaced elements due to exaggerated width limits in the name of responsiveness.

    Does passthrough work on this build? It didn't work with last 1109 build on my Sherwood receiver.

    Based on my quick test, I'd say yes it does. Then again, it did also work for me with the PR10887 build (that unfortunately ended up being the same as 1109, if I understood correctly).
    Having fumbled with the audio settings regarding passthrough myself, check that you have the Number of channels set to 2.0 and enabled Dolby Digital transcoding.

    What does not work in your multichannel passthrough setup?

    From a quick test:
    x265, AAC - Dolby Digital not working
    x264, AC3 - Dolby Digital is working
    (FWIW, I also checked I can get DD5.1-audio from both formats with a Mac plugged directly to the receiver)

    Denon AVR-1907 (used as 5.1, though 7.1 capable)
    Passthrough via Samsung SmartTV (ES7000 series)