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    i own a M8 2G/8G box with the S802 K200 chip. Currently I run the codesnake openelec ROM but its very outdate. Do we use the .tar file to update to Demetris image or there is another method? With codesnake's ROM we used to have 3 files to update from recovery for the M8.

    Hi kszaq! Excellent work! i own a MiniMXIII II 2gb and everything runs perfectly. I have tested many different files, from 720p to 2160p 60fps and everything runs as it should. No playback issues at all. I wanted to report that HDR works excellent as well. I have downloaded a few video samples with HDR and all of them played excellent.

    hi kszaq! thanks again for the great work!! Just wanted to report that i own a Beelink MXIII II 2gb/16gb and on this alpha version there is no HDR support. I have tested a few videos HEVC 3840x2160p at 60fps & 24fps and the HDR is not initiated on my TV. HDR works great though on version.
    Also, i dont know if it helps, but i have reverted back to my stock android rom and i have installed Kodi 17.0 beta apk and the HDR was functioning properly. All files were playing fine. I have flashed back Libreelec though cause i hate android :)

    I have the same box, and I'm still having sync issues. Audio is almost always ahead about 100-250ms. What are your settings in kodi?

    Hi beatwolf. I use optical out audio with dolby digital. No sync issues. I have also flashed the rom on a MiniM8S II 1GB with no sync issues. The MiniM8S very rarely when i press the power button it freezes and i need to closed the box from the plug.

    But the MXIII is running perfectly. I have replaced the stock device tree with the one from ksazq (1Gb for MiniM8S and 2Gb for MXIII device trees).
    My only issue overall is on 4K videos with HDR (BT2020) sometimes the colours are disoriented. But not on all files so im not sure what the issue may be.

    I have too a MiniMXII II 2G and I don't have any boot issue with release but I didn't flash the internal nand, I use an external USB. For the 4k, I don't have any 4K video so I can't try.

    Thanks MrFusion92. I have flashed the post-010 development build as posted by kszaq a few days ago on the Beelink MiniMXIII II 2G. No boot issues and no 4K or HDR issues until now. This build is much smoother on my device than the i flashed a few days ago.

    i own a Beelink MiniMXIII II 2G and i have flushed Libreelec twice and got both times the same issue. In 4K resolution the pictures keeps switching off and on every few minutes. Everything else working ok. I flashed back the previous Libreelec version and everything is working fine. Also, sometimes when i restart the machine it stays stack in the Beelink logo.

    Audio should go out from every output: HDMI, SPDIF and analog at the same time as long as the format is supported for that output. No matter which output you select in GUI.

    Unfortunately I don't use this addon do don't have any hints right now. Please read this post on what information you need to provide to make debugging easier and create a new thread to isolate posts related to your issue: LibreELEC

    Thanks kszaq! Much appreciate your work!

    Hello, i have a Beelink MXIII II 2gb Ram with A905x and i have updated to the latest libreelec version with the device tree but there is no option for SPDIF audio device output. Only HDMI, Analog and Bluetooth. Is it the SPDIF supported on this release?