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    I think the Thoradia rtorrent addon breaks the gnu screen (terminal multiplexer) program provided by the official System Tools addon.

    rtorrent addon embed its own screen binary in conflict with the system tools binary.

    See here.

    Thank you for the information

    I am rebuilding the rtorrent addon for LibreELEC 9.0 to ship an appropriate screen binary

    In the meantime, just remove screen shipped with rtorrent, so that only screen from system-tools is used


    Does your Repo and Add-ons works on RK3399? I have installed the Repo 0.0.19 from zip, restarted the device, but when I try to "install from repository " it keep saying "Could not connect to repository". Where on my RPi3, it is working all fine.

    SBC = NanoPC-T4 (RK3399)

    What versions are reported in the settings of the Thoradia add-on?

    No YouTube was just an example, id love to be able to use a lot of the USA/Canada addons on kodi via this method. when I use openvpn manager it messes up my live tv. This seemed like the perfect solution, Also if someone's watching an addon via openvpn manager it blocks me from being able to stream to my phone from outside the house.

    Only few programs support specific interfaces (eg qbittorrent)

    Some support proxies

    Right! Thanks!

    Maybe has something in systemd to make services work this way

    I'll keep searching, and reporting here, if I find something.

    If not, maybe disable automatic updates and wait for your update the add-on is not a bad idea too.

    I will revert to Mono and set MemoryMax=200M which should be enough to auto-update after Jackett is restarted

    I tried this, but don't work like I thinked. When jackett need more memory, and this makes it exceed the 400Mb of limits.slice, only jackett is reboot, not sonarr or radarr like I thinked (and jackett can't update).

    But, for what I saw, even 300MB isn't enough for update v0.11.15 (released today).

    Jackett updated to 0.11.15 here, but nuked my RPi3 first

    I will see what I can do

    But not now

    I found that the plugins where actually missing from \\libreelec\Kodi\addons\service.deluge\lib\python2.7\site-packages\deluge-1.3.15-py2.7.egg\deluge\plugins

    Copied them from a backup and they are working again.

    Why were the plugins removed? Must have happened during an update.

    Thank you for the feedback

    Changes in the build system caused the issue

    This will be fixed in when deluge is rebuilt

    In Milhouse 302 this has been added to openssl: update to 1.1.1b - this may break some addons

    Is it possible to adapt transmisison and the rest of the Thoradia accessories to update for this change ??

    I am rebuilding the add-ons

    Again, Milhouse builds are development builds

    Expect things to break

    I will see what I can do

    Anyone know what "Linux ARM builds" mean, if anything, for people running these addons on low powered devices like the RPi?

    I know Jackett currently uses Mono, will native Linux builds improve/change anything?

    Native, as opposed to Docker

    Jackett was switched from Mono to .Net Core yesterday

    The add-ons run fine on RPi 3

    Is it possible to transfer my previous couchpotato settings file to the thoradia couchpotato? I am really not in the mood to redo the entire thing.

    I have my old couchpotato.ini file but cant seem to find where I need to copy it to.

    couchpotato configuration is at /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.couchpotato and is accessible via smb.