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    Hi all, this is my box now, a Z69 with 3/32 gig and a S905X chip.

    1. Z69 Android 7.1 TV Box Amlogic S905X Cortex A5 3Penta-Core 3GB 32GB Bluetooth Wifi 2.4G Set Top Box 4K HD Smart Media Player

    You can find it on the familiar Chinese sites, I wont post the link :-)

    Box is running fine with LE, latest 8.1.10 build, running from internal memory.

    Runs with 3gb dtb.img file from kszaq.

    CEC works fine.

    WIFI not tested, using wired.

    No Giga ethernet unfortunately.

    I am planning to purchase the same one.

    Did you try to use wireless air mouse? On my Android S812 I am using TSM01 and wonder will it work on Libreelec too.

    No I use CEC so I don't know!

    But in the living room I use an air mouse, a MeLe F10 deluxe and it works great!

    Libreelec supports many of these devices.

    Thanks, I'll give that a try. I've never done this before so I don't suppose you could PM me with a step by step guide on exactly how its done? I don't want to brick the box! Once I do it once, I'll be able to do it easy any other time

    It's really simple, just do the steps as I said above:

    Download the firmware, burn it to a USB or SD using Rufus (Google for Rufus software)

    Place an empty on the usb or sd card.

    Place the correct device tree on the usb or sd card ( the 3gig I mentioned)

    Start your z69, go to apps, insert usb or sgo to update/backup.

    Select the

    After this press "update"

    Wait a few minutes, box will reboot and Libreelec will be installed!

    Keep the USB or SD inside to the box will boot Libreelec when you restart it!

    I purchased a "3gb ram s905x" from Geekbuying (Z69 Android 6.0 3GB/32GB 4K UHD Smart TV BOX) but its stuttering a lot when I try any video.

    How do I install librelec onto this box? I'm not sure which version to install

    Hi, I've got the same and managed to get it working today!

    I used an SD card to burn the latest 8,2 image to it ( LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2-8.1.5.img.gz )

    And used the new device tree for 3gb ( gxl_p212_3g.dtb )

    Used an empty in the root of the SD, to update it with the installed update app in the Android software.

    Works like a charm!

    Wifi works as well.

    After this I installed LE to the internal system.

    Fietspomp Please try to use this device tree: gxl_p212_3g.dtb

    You Sir, are a legend!

    I'll try it later today, hopefully it'll work!

    Will it matter which LE file I use? I've got the other box running 8.2

    Or should I use 9.0?


    Holy sh*t it boots!

    Booted from USB stick using the dummy update,zip file.

    I'm so excited right now!

    Later I'll try to install on the internal, to check if it's fast.

    How can I see in LE if it's really 3g? Because apparently S905X is maximum 2g right?


    According LE it's also 3g, see the attachment:

    Fietspomp The DTB you attached contains device trees only for 1GB and 2GB RAM. I guess you have only 2GB of RAM. It also has some unknown (to me) boards: gxl_p211 and gxl_p215. Can you tell me which device tree is used by your box? You can check it running this command in Terminal Emulator in Android: cat /proc/device-tree/amlogic-dt-id


    Executed the command through ADB over network, this was the response:

    1. C:\Windows\System32>adb shell
    2. p212:/ $ cat /proc/device-tree/amlogic-dt-id
    3. gxl_p212_3g

    It says 3g there tho..... Strange stuff!

    Will try to boot Armbian this afternoon.

    Tried to install TWRP through ADB, but at boot it just hangs at the S905X logo.

    Hi everybody,

    Maybe it's not necessary but I've pulled my dtb.img as well.

    Firmware is from WeChip website, is Android 7.1.2

    My box is a WeChip z69, 3gb and 32gig NANO (If that is even possible....)

    I've tried to read the dtb to figure out if it's really 2gb but I can't figure it out.

    Also I'm not able to launch LE, from both USB ports or SD-card, using both Rufus and LE creator.

    TWRP also isn't working. Just hangs on S905X logo......

    dtb pulled from

    Tested your MakeMKV with Milhouse 1106 build, works great!
    Yes you need to manually make a settings.conf with the latest beta key and add some lines to
    There's some guides floating around I believe.

    Tested a BD+ disc and it works!

    Will try tomorrow to fsck the partition and see if I can install your version.

    I've tried to install your version this morning but it failed.
    When it tried to install I got the "size checking: FAILED" error.
    Now I know this is normally becuase the flash partition is too small.
    But here are the results of parted:

    As you can see, my fat16 partition is 1591 mb so it should be big enough!

    When I live booted Gparted I saw it was only using 250 or so mb's, the rest was unallocated.
    Any way to fix this? Should I allocate the other 1250 mbs? Or will this ruin my flash partition?