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    I totally agree. But I have good news. Coreelec allows to choose rc_maps or remote.conf. Install CoreElec, it also provides better suppor for S905/X, it provides official stable builds, unlike LibreElec now. Recent CoreElec build uses Kodi 18.1 and it has no bugs.

    I think LE removed remote.conf, because consistent support between various devices is more important, than user experience on cheap hardware.

    In my device (Beelink mini mx iii s905) LE runs better than CE.

    Particularly this built works smoothly and with no bug.


    I Have used CoreELEC a few weeks, and yesterday, I went back to libreelec.

    Remote does not work, even adding the specific files of the remote.

    Before flashing coreelec, remote always works fine.

    I have a Beelink mxiii.

    Does anybody any idea what is wrong?

    Thanks in advance 😉

    Hi everyone,
    I do not know why, but last night my mk808b plus did not pass the image of kodi 17. 1 whwn booting. Some minutes later screen becomes black.

    I realized that I can access through ssh, and even play my media using kore in Android.

    So I guess this is a problem with the skin.
    I tried to update a few differents kszaq's builts with command wget, but I get no solution.

    Toothpick method does not works in my device, and pc's can not recognize it.

    I have also tried to erase the settings in order to start with estuary by default, but I only get the first screen with no fonts...
    I tried:

    rm ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.libreelec.settings/oe_settings.xml

    Does anybody have any idea? Or how can I make a hard reset with ssh?

    Any idea will be really apreciated

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    I tried twice and the stick got bricked with the second time ssh like I said.

    I installed openelec in my mk808b plus using the toothpick method.
    I got libreelec updating from openelec.

    Unfortunately, I had to come back to an older openelec build, because CEC did not work properly in my Samsung tv.