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    Wow just setup this up and thank you so much. It works surprisingly well, just need to figure out a way to launch it from a shortcut in kodi. I assume we could launch a script that would kill Kodi and launch Steamlink. Would still need a reboot to get back in to kodi tho.

    One note, the steps to mount the raspbian image file and extract the library files do not work on librelec, at least they didnt for me. Was quite a pain acutally, I had to fire up a VM, mount it there, extract the files, copy them over to my host and SSH up to my Pi. Anyway below is a link to a zip file with the library files if anyone else is having trouble.


    I have to come back on my words. You have to install the controllers from the kodi repository first. Afterwards, you can install the emulators. on NES,GBA and SNES almost all emulators work except the beetle emulators, there you get a black screen.

    I have seen similar issues with BeetleDS. When I try to load a ROM, Kodi crashes and retstarts. Will try to post a crash log.

    Yup similar issues here. When I go to the Bluetooth setting menu in the Libreelec settings addon, the whole addon seems to freeze. When i try to go to another section within the addon, they all show up as blank and I cant get back to the home menu. I am forced to reboot.

    Also, even when I go to the Bluetooth menu all I see are old hardware that I previously had connected, and I cant see anything that is currently discover able, so it seems like the Bluetooth just is not functional at all.

    I am using 8.95.3 on RaspPi3