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    As I understand it, on the latest builds audio should be sent to HDMI, Analog (AV out) and SPDIF simultaneously regardless of the settings in Kodi unless using Bluetooth/Pulseaudio.

    I have been banging my head against the wall trying to get analog out working with no success.

    I'm running on a X96 s905x 2/16G box. I have also tried a couple of the last devel builds. No dice.

    I can see the interfaces:

    The only thing immediately suspicious in dmesg is:

    dmesg | grep snd
    [    [email protected]] aml_snd_card: headphone detection disable=1
    [    [email protected]] aml_snd_m8_card aml_m8_snd.46: T9015-audio-hifi <-> I2S.39 mapping ok
    [    [email protected]] aml_snd_m8_card aml_m8_snd.46: dit-hifi <-> SPDIF.40 mapping ok
    [    [email protected]] aml_snd_m8_card aml_m8_snd.46: pcm2bt-pcm <-> PCM.41 mapping ok
    [    [email protected]] aml_snd_m8_card aml_m8_snd.46: ASoC: no source widget found for LOUTL
    [    [email protected]] aml_snd_m8_card aml_m8_snd.46: ASoC: Failed to add route LOUTL -> direct -> Ext Spk
    [    [email protected]] aml_snd_m8_card aml_m8_snd.46: ASoC: no source widget found for LOUTR
    [    [email protected]] aml_snd_m8_card aml_m8_snd.46: ASoC: Failed to add route LOUTR -> direct -> Ext Spk
    [    [email protected]] aml_snd_card: audio use jtag pinmux as i2s output, read val =ffffffff

    Am I wrong in assuming that the device tree is correct since aplay -l lists the devices?

    I have no popping/crackling issues here during playback, only one pop whenever the audio interface goes to sleep or wakes up. Setting Kodi "Keep Audio Devices Awake" to Always fixes that (it's a kludge though.)

    Hard to say without hearing it, but crackling sounds during playback are often due to a sample rate mismatch. Try setting the rate to fixed and experiment with various values (48000, 44100, etc.)

    Can you try turning off HDR? echo 0 > /sys/module/am_vecm/parameters/hdr_mode

    Unfortunately, no change. I have tried several different cables as well.

    It's really odd that the screen goes white at at any negative value in /sys/class/amvecm/brightness1.
    I have a dtb.img file from a firmware that was released on 11/08/16. Tried using that and it works fine, but no change in the video issue. dtb.img HERE
    Hmmm... doing some reading on HDR and this sounds promising. Any way to disable this at boot time?

    Hardware: x96 s905x 2G/16G running, Emerson LCD 60hz 1080P Black Stretch-ON, Auto Contrast-OFF, Auto Ambient-OFF, all other controls centered.

    Affects: All output on HDMI including Video and GUI.

    Symptoms: Display goes from very dark to way too saturated and "contrasty" depending on the content displayed. The controls for Brightness and Contrast do have an effect, but cannot rectify the issues seen.

    I have been using a s805 box with the 7.0 builds for some time with no problem other than lackluster performance. This issue only effects my s905x box with all other factors being the same.

    Main clues are that setting the Brightness control in Kodi to anything lower than 50% causes the screen to washout to nothing but white and green. Values above 50% work as expected. Also, the contrast control seems to only affect the white and green range. Please see the following pics. Note that the pic where the controls are set to 50/50 looks OKish here, in person it is very, very over saturated and very "contrasty" for lack of a better term.

    Aside from adjusting the TV and Kodi controls I have also experimented with the sysfs controls in /sys/class/video, amhdmitx, amvecm et al. Changing from limited to full color range has only a very minor effect.

    If anyone has any clues at all that might point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. This build is flawless for me in every other way. I haven't found any other mentions of anything like this here or in the OE forums. Weird!

    Brightness 50% - Contrast 50%

    Brightness 49% - Contrast 50%

    Brightness 50% - Contrast 1%

    OK, so having issues with video quality. Specifically screen is too dark, too saturated and contrast is too high.

    The OSD Video settings help a tiny bit, but saturation is a problem. Settings on my TV have to be set at extreme ranges to get a good picture.

    I can manipulate the sysfs values in /sys/class/amvecm/ and/or /sys/devices/virtual/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0 (saturation_hue_post, output_rgb, etc) to get acceptable results, but of course any start or stop of video in kodi resets these.

    So question is: where are the relevant settings in kodi to manipulate these values globally? I have seen the following in guisettings.xml. I tried manipulating them directly and by overrides in advancedsettings to no avail. They must be getting maniplulated on the fly in kodi somewhere, but I just can't find find them. Hardcoded? Seems unlikely.


    <limitedrange default="true">false</limitedrange>

    Specs: x96 box S905x 2g/16G

    I have been having a near perfect experience with 008 on my X96 S905x 2G/16G box via SD, except for one very annoying problem.

    I'm using MythPVR with HDHomerun Prime tuners and LiveTV in Kodi plays just fine UNTIL I switch to view a menu or the guide while a show is playing. At that point the audio/video will be out of sync by an unwatchable amount. The only way to restore sync is to stop and restart the channel, or to switch audio tracks.

    However, I wanted to post this with some good news. I am now running 7.0-devel-20161028232312-r23412 and the issue appears to be resolved. I suspect it has to do with This Commit having to do with frame drop requests by DVDVideoCodec.

    Also, It may just be placebo effect, but the remote seems more responsive out of the box on this build as well. Overall everything is working perfectly for my needs thus far.

    At any rate, kudos to Kszaq on all the hard work!