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    When I acquired my 4K display I had to upgrade my device and I followed the legendary page from wrxtasy : Pick the Right Kodi Box

    I did not care for looks, remotes or other than display (4k), sound (max possible), efficiency and the original Kodi experience (no fork)

    So for me that's (almost) the only choice

    Hello Jeff, sorry for the offtopic, can you tell me what kind of sound do you get from the C2?

    do you have something like this on it? I am seriously considering buying a couple for home for when my cheapo android boxes die.

    ODROID | Hardkernel

    In my case I absolutely need the optical output.


    This is being looked at by people much smarter than me working on AML HW decoding in Kodi.

    don't undersell yourself, I am scared just to think how many boxes are sold out there just because of your efforts.

    I tried my s905 box on an HD projector with a 10K € sound system. Holy shit. Unbelievable.


    does your TV have a "black level" setting or something like it? maybe your intel box outputs RGB and amlogic outputs ycbcr by default (not sure if and how it can be switched).
    outputting video levels when the TV expects full range RGB causes grey blacks (and not quite as white whites).

    Ok, I started over from scratch. I reseted all the settings in the tv and went option by option. There is in fact an option in Menu>Picture>Picture Options>HDMI Black level, if I put it to "Low", it has a dramatic effect on the display.

    The option is not available with all the picture modes.

    I hope this helps if someone else has a similar model of tv.

    Now that the tv is perfect, let's try this with a projector...

    Thanks juramusger! And thanks kszaq for converting our cheapo shitty boxes into outstanding players.

    kino13 This seems to be an issue with HDR TVs, I don't see it. And the issue is present only with S905X because S905 doesn't have HDR output.

    Well, the box is a s905 and the TV is a samsung 6200 with no HDR. The HDMI cable has been tested, and I have an intel player next to this one (not capable of x265, main reason for the s905), with much deeper blacks. I have also an Rpi3 in another room/tv that I have tried with the same result as the intel.

    It's ok, maybe it's an issue of my cheapo chinese box.


    kszaq as always thanks for all your efforts.

    Have you been able to find out if the "greyed out black color" can be modified in any way from the configuration?

    Also a question if there's anyone out there with a Wetek HUB and an amlogic generic box, can you check if the color output of both devices is the same?

    I am a bit surprise that no more people have noticed the issue. (And it's making me crazy because everything else works perfectly with the device).


    Hello kszaq

    One question, I understand that the new builds went from 64 to 32 bits in order to make a better use of the memory, can you tell if there's any downside to the change?

    My device is 2Gigs ram, so I have not been hit by the memory leak (yet), also I don't have a PVR so that's no problem for me either.


    Will try the new build later anyway. I am currently using an r2443 from the 2016-11-09.

    I think that issue isn't resolved and probably never will be if nobody cares about users of elderly TVs.

    So with mine and your TV it might even have nothing to do with this box or this OS but only with KODIs way of developement.

    Didn't mention it before, but my TV is a samsung last generation full HD, so I don't think it categorize as "elderly". Will keep doing tests for sure.


    Yeah, same thing here. I have an old plasma TV that shows realy deep black and on my x64 windows pc KODI shows realy deep black colors only on certain resolutions I pick. If I pick the wrong one black becomes greyish too. Its the same when I use 720p/60Hz on my s905x device running Libreelec With my TV I need to select 1360x768 for perfect colors which I can't select here.

    Thanks Honolulu, real pity but glad to know I am not the only one with the issue.

    Color adjustments

    Hello all, I am using a s905 box (2Gigs ram), with the 7.9 LE version. In general everything works correctly (optical sound output, CEC if I start the tv before, wifi...).

    But I have just realized that the color black is distinguishable more clear (dark grey), and that the image in general is brighter than it should be.

    I don´t have an oled tv, so save your jokes or recommendations on that, it's a very nice tv.

    I have checked with the same tv, same hdmi cable (and others), with an X86 player and with an RPi, both of them look the same with a bit more contrast and definitely deeper blacks.

    Is there anything I can change on a configuration level? Has anyone noticed something similar?

    Has this anything to do with the video range 16-235 ??

    This is a big deal for me, thanks

    Edited to add: The difference is noticeable in the menu screen already, so it has nothing to do with decoding.


    I don't have Android installed, could I check it in LE?


    I don't know, I do not have the device anymore as I returned it after the "adventure". I am sure you can login into it from ssh and do something like lspci or lshw that should give you enough information.

    In any case, if the drivers are not the correct ones (the dtb.img) the device will not work, there is no mistake possible.


    Direct answer: When I booted with android, went to settings, about, hardware: There was the model mxiii-2 and the processor specification s905x.
    There was no sign externally, or in the box.

    But there were several "hints" that should have given it away easily: it came with android 6, and it didn't work in the first boot when I used the dtb.img of the s905 (no wifi, lan, usb...), pretty logical when you think about it.

    I was not happy about it, I was looking for the s905 because I read here that the development was more advanced. On the other side in Amazon the mx-iii was 53€ while the mx-iii2 was 44€, so it also felt like I was scammed. The next day I cheked the mx-iii was "not available", so I guess they just send me that and didn't even know about it.


    Hello all,

    I have just registered, first I am not trying to troll or anything. I have been using XBMC for a long time, Kodi not so long, usually from Openelec, and more recently Libreelec.

    I just wanted to explain my little (short) experience for a day with an s905x:

    I have two home theaters at home, both with dedicated (silent) computers, 5.1 sound systems, and a Rpi3 on another single tv (yes, the kitchen).

    I have been looking for some time for a simple, yet powerfule (x265) solution to use as a kodi player, after reading the forums I decided to get an s905 device Beelink MiniMXIII from amazon. And here the problems began...

    I received the player next day, and installed the libreelec on an sdcard. It booted at first try (toothpick), but after loading nothing worked (no usb, no mouse, no controls, etc).

    After digging a bit, I discover that although I specifically asked for an MXIII they sent me an MXIII-II, yes, same specs but with the s905x processor.

    I remade the sdcard with the correct dtb.img and now I have a workable system. The usb's work, the ethernet too.

    Here are my impressions:
    wifi didn't work, ok, I can put an ethernet.
    remote didn't work, ok, not the most important, and I also read in the forums you need to copy the correct config.
    CEC remote (the one from tv, hdmi interface) didn't work either (the Rpi3 worked correctly with this tv)

    It's ok, I can get that.

    Now the serious stuff. No matter what I did, no matter what I setup, I could not make it work in 5.1. The central (voice) channel was always mute.
    I changed the libreelec version (7.2 and 7.9), change settings, tried with libreelec, tried with kodi from the android system... all of them failed in the same way. Stereo worked though, but that is not enough for me.
    As a personal note, it also looked like the image didn't have the same quality as my x86 player (thay may have been my impression though).

    So my question is, had any one got any similar experience? I understand that the device is under heavy development (thanks kszaq!), and that I have only read half the messages in the post but I am curious to know if anyone has had more luck than me with the optical output.

    I returned the device, I will keep an eye on the forum and for sure I will try again in the future, but the first impresssion was... very unsatisfactory.


    PD: Sorry I am not providing logs, or more information about the tests I made.