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    ok. I did a few tests. I can boot successfully from the SD only with if the SD card as the image as per post #1 (including the rename of the boot_autoscript to boot.scr). Deleting the s805 script makes the SD card unbootable and it gives me the error in mount_flash error at start up.

    If it can help my device is the X8H

    I was tempted to try to remove the aml script instead of the s805 but I m not so brave :)

    I think the multi boot is still there... I mean without SD it boots from internal storage without any issue. With the SD in it tries to read the SD for a boot file system but for some reason it does not find it, I may need to try another way to flash the SD card. I have "forced" the boot from the SD card with the reset method but eventually there is no need. I can also enter in the recovery mode.

    Otherwise I have no serial cable. At this stage if anything can be done it has to be either from ssh once libreelec from internal is up or from recovery.

    But as I said I will try tomorrow to reflash the SD card again. now time for some sleep ;)

    I don't know what is happening now... I m not managing to boot from SD anymore.

    I flashed the last image 18.2 to the SD, I renamed the "boot_autoscript" to "boot.scr", deleted the s805_autoscript file.

    Reboot the device while holding reset switch for 5 -6 sec and I m still getting the same error in mount_flash message.

    Changed SD, though it is the one I have used the very first time I flashed the device, but same result.

    If you have any suggestion, otherwise I will try again tomorrow

    sasagr I don't know if it's included in these builds but you can prevent u-boot from trying to boot from SD card/any external media by resetting uenv variables to default values. Run this command: fw_setenv upgrade_step 1 and reboot. If you will ever want to boot from SD card again, you will need to use toothpick/reset method.

    I did it as you instructed


    # LibreELEC #

    # LibreELEC – Just enough OS for KODI #


    LibreELEC (community): LE9-Kodi_18.2 (X8-X8H.arm)

    LibreELEC:~ # fw_setenv upgrade_step 1

    LibreELEC:~ # reboot

    inserted the SD card (that was successfully mounted) before reboot cmd

    and I got the message on TV screen:

    Error in mount_flash: mount_part: Unknown file system

    i need to remove the SD card again to have a successful boot from internal

    Am I giving the wrong command or at a wrong level?

    Depending on how the bootloader code is setup this probably is a byproduct of some of the current popular methods of creating a multi-boot and because of the way u-boot has been altered to handle this type of multiboot. If the internal u-boot sees the card it thinks it needs to use it to pullup the system and run from there.

    Other methods of creating a multi-boot that use different code in u-boots monitor to set things up different so it can realize to just treat the sd card as external flash can be done as well tho.

    Not sure why so many people have problems with changing ip's and mac's tho as i have never had those issues and at any given time i probably have a least 6 boxes or more running on my network. Personally i always use static IP's and once set they never change as well as the mac's i set. Normally i just set them in a script that runs once the box boots up but i have also slipped streamed them into the box's u-boot as well and they always seem to stick...

    very interesting... so in our case the right bootloader code should instruct to boot from the SD first (for the purpose of flashing new images) but only if a boot file system exist, otherwise boot from internal.

    If I m correct and if it is doable, can somebody with more code knowledge do it? also can the bootloader be updated without need to reflash the device?

    logically, if there's a SD card inserted, it will boot from the SD.

    To boot from internal, you've to remove (of push to unplug) the SD card.

    I wasn’t clear. With the SD card inserted it tries to boot from it even if the card is empty and so it gives me a boot system error at start up.

    So basically I cannot have a successful boot if I decide to leave the SD card for the only purpose of using it as additional storage

    Hi. I made an installtointernal and all works fine, but if I leave the a formatted SD card in I get an error after reboot as it is trying to reboot from there. I have to remove the SD card to get a successful boot.

    How can I avoid it? apart from removing the SD card :)

    thanks. very clear.

    One more question... I read about the remote control behavior but it does not work the same way with me.

    I mean when press the switch off button, I get the option to shutdown, reboot,.. If I select shutdown, it will switch my tv off but also the minix will go off.

    So to restart it I need to unplug the cable, put it back and then put it on from the start button on the box.

    Is there an easy solution to handle off and on of the box, even putting it only in stand by?

    Thanks in advance

    anybody with Minix X8-H and Libreelec playing 4K videos?

    I just tried but they are far from smooth. I did not touch the settings but I don't think there much that can be done. I guess the X8-H is not really done for 4K, though they were advertising it as supporting 4k UHD videos

    woow... I had my Minix X8-H completely forgotten and now thanks to you I can it life again. I m wondering also if it works with UHD 4K.

    I m managed to follow procedure and install libreelec directly in the main partition. Now I have question. When new updates will come out, will I get the updates directly from libreelec program addon, as I do in the raspberrypi or I need to do some manual procedure.

    Can I for example just copy the target files in the update folder?