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    I tested LE 9 and there is the same problem. How do you track this? There are no errors in the TVH log.

    At 18:07 I turned on the LE and there is a low SNR of 9 dB

    At 18:32 SNR increased to 13.4 dB and the status of good device and signal quality bar appeared in the kodi menu.

    I use your latest build. Unfortunately, it is on each of them. There is no such problem on VDR.

    I have to wait up to 30 minutes. In this TVHeadend (http status), SNR has a low level of 9.5dB.

    After about 30 minutes SNR in TVHeadend (http status) increases and already has about 13dB (depends on the channel). At LibreELEC, a signal appears.

    I thought it was the fault of the drivers for my DVBSKY 952 card, but since VDR works there correctly, it's rather the fault of TVHeadend and LibreELEC.

    Overall, I see that LibreELEC has a problem reading data from my dvbsky s952 card. TVHeadend works correctly and its menu is ok. After a long time, it finally starts working and showing data on the channels. Only it lasts about an 15 minutes before it works properly.

    I checked and it is on LibreELEC 8.2.2 and on build test LE 9

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    I noticed that everything works well with VDR. The problem is only with the LibreELEC + TVHeadend connection. Any idea?


    I have a question.

    1. Once in old TVHeadend versions SNR was shown as (progress bar%). Now the SNR bar is in dB on TV. Is there a way to change this bar to the old progress bar in%?

    2. In TVHeadend, the status option is 68% signal quality. In the kodi menu, the signal quality and SNR is 0%. Can you fix it somehow?

    3. Would it be possible to add to the menu kodi (o) an option to show channel and transponder data?


    Satellite: Hotbird 13.0E

    DVB-S2 8PSK 12284H 27500 3/4

    remember this could also be driver/hw related

    I do not take this into account because this channel works on TVHeadend.

    I wrote on the VDR forum but they will not help because oscam is against their rules. I do not know where I can turn to for help.

    Thank you SMP. Your VDR 2.3.8 works, but it has not fixed my problem. A colleague from another forum wrote that he also did not work for Polsat Viasat Explorer HD and that's why he changed VDR on TVHeadend. In my case TVHeadend works badly and I can not use it.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be the reason that VDR does not want to read the Polsat Viasat Explorer HD channel? Does anyone have access to the Hotbird 13E satellite and could check it out?


    I have a problem with the reception of the Polsat Viasat Explorer HD channel.

    Hotbird 13E satellite.

    Other channels from this transponder work only Polsat. Viasat Explorer HD does not work.

    HTPC + DVBSKY 952 + LibreELEC 8.2.1 + oscam client card. Polsat Viasat Explorer HD operates on TVHeadend.

    It seems to me that this is the fault of VDR 2.2.0.

    List of channels converted from Enigma2. I also tried to manually search for a channel, but it also does not work.


    Is there a newer version of VDR on LibreELEC 8.2.1?

    I installed this image but the symptom is the same. Any further ideas? Currently, he is testing VDR and so far there are no problems like in TVHeadend. It does not break the signal when watching and switching channels. Unfortunately, you can switch between channels and I can not set the diseqc hotbird and astra 19.2. Currently I have a hotbird but when I turn on diseqc it stops working.


    Is it possible to make a resolution of 4k larger font. When I type Google it's from the subway I see what I write but with 3 meters nothing can be seen. I do not mean font in chrome, only about chrome window size.


    Is there any possibility to upload polish language for chromium? Like in the settings I turn on and get the Polish language, but it is still English in the interface.

    A possible work flow is to create the containing the two lines with notepad++, saving it with Unix line endings and copy it with winscp.

    Thank you. Your solution works perfectly. Can you still add option 3840x2160p59,94?

    I do not understand why 3840x2160p50 is not standardly added to LibreELEC for kaby lake? In the geforce 1050 I had 3840x2160p50 and here the problem must be?

    There seem no samples around, but recalculating the 3840x2160p60 modeline (which is in reality 59,94Hz) gives:

    1. xrandr --newmode "3840x2160p50" 495 3840 4016 4104 4400 2160 2168 2178 2250 +hsync +vsync
    2. xrandr --addmode DP2 3840x2160p50

    It's only theory, I have no 4K TV.

    Your solution works perfectly for me. Tell me how to add this setting permanently? After restarting the computer I no longer have the option of 50Hz.

    I wanted to add these entries to but I do not have it in this location