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    beatwolf: have the same audio sync problems since .009, also in the Krypton versions. But only when using passthrough and using AC3,DTS ...but not with mp3 - otherwise it works perfectly.

    OK, haven't really noticed which files and audio formats it happens with. Guess we will have to wait and see if it gets fixed. It's not a huuuge problem, as it can be corrected, but it does get a bit tedious to do every time.

    What about the audio sync problems? Isn't anyone else having them? I'm still having them in almost every video I have tested. This is on a Beelink MXiii-ii 2gb 16gb, with the release from 18th dec, and newest device tree installed on internal memory.

    Or is it because im using passthrough?

    btw: Everything else, is working absolutely perfectly! Huge props to kszaq!!

    Mini M8s II 2Gb/8GB
    Just installed the 32 bit v11 build from scratch (not an upgrade)

    all working smoothly. Experienced some audio synch issues (passthrough audio) until de-interlacing turned OFF ... then all synch's ok

    No need for echo 1 > /sys/module/amvdec_h264/parameters/error_recovery_mode any more

    thanks kszaq

    Where do you disable de-interlacing? Can't seem to find it anywhere in the settings or in the vide OSD..

    I'm having some issues with audio being out of sync on a Beelin mini mx iii ii. Audio seems to always be about 100-500ms ahead. I've tried the newest dev build and
    This is on with passthrough hdmi to an AVR. Apart from that everything seems to work great, and both builds have been very stable for me :)

    I want to thank you again, especially for pointing out for 11. You really need to do this two times on the mx iii ii , before it writes properly to nand it seems. I didn't use the commands for wifi, as I'm only using ethernet.

    So far Kodi seems to be a whole lot snappier at everything than my Pi2 with Xbian, that I came from. Time will tell if its more stable, but something tells me it will be :)

    Sorry if i appeared rude, honestly it was not my intention... By the way you should download this image LibreELEC-S905.aarch64- and burn it to a SD or USB... Is this what you are asking? This is the correct img :)

    No problem, don't know why I got confused by that install process in the first post. I think I didn't see the very first link to the image in the top :blush: . But it does make sense now. It seems my box won't boot from USB though, so I will have to try and find a micro sd-card instead.

    Thanks for that bobobalde, thats a big help. I did get most of the process figured out except my box doesn't seem to support booting from USB.

    Hi, I suggest you to follow the information provided in the first post of this thread... It seems that you haven't read it at all...

    I read the whole post, and it doesn't make that much sense. Right underneath it are posts explaining that some of the info is not correct anymore. But thanks for the warm welcome, always nice to meet such helpful individuals on forums.