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    Yes, Pi will not try to connect to any other channel, only to the fixed (and strongest) channel on your AP. If possible choose a channel 3, or 6, or 9, if they are free of interference from neighbors.

    I have a issue with wireless performance on my Pi3. I thought that it was a problem with the integrated wireless and added a USB adapter. But I still have the same problem.
    Transferring a file normally gives about 4-5MB/s, but very periodically it goes down to a few Kb or even zero for a second or two, enough to mess up LiveTV or any other streaming.

    Install a WiFi Scanner app on your mobile, and scan WiFi channels placing the mobile near your Pi. When you find a free channel (or one with least interference from neighbors) set that channel manually in your Router/AP.

    Use Win32 Disk Imager v.0.9.5
    Connect your SD card to PC, open Win32 Disk Imager, with folder icon choose a name and place for your Image, then choose "Read".
    The complete SD card Image will be written to chosen file for future writes, with the same program.

    Since there was NO virus in the first place, but a false positive, and even then that benign file was removed, and since I and a LOT MORE people with many other AV programs have, nor had, any problems I don't see any reason why should any further steps be taken from the owners of this site.
    If it bothers you so much, sort it with people whose program is giving you problems. This site is not the cause of them!

    What hardware are you using?
    Before unpluging your USB HDD do you use the menu option "Remove drive safely" ?
    When I unplug my USB HDD from PI3 using this option, no problems after reconnecting same drive to the same USB port