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    Thanks for your reply. You are correct I am not on 9.0.

    I presumed that tvheadend simply runs the post-processing command where %f refers to the file that was recorded. So I simply tested this on an old file. It reads the file in and correctly parses the metadata.

    Doing this should simulate what tvheadend does (unless there is some hidden magic, but I can't imagine what that would be). If I try to run it when pointing to a nonexistent ini file it just terminates immediately with an error message.

    (the backslashes are just the standard way to break a command over several lines btw - not important here since I ran it from the command line)

    I'll try with mkv...

    [EDIT: I see one thing I did wrong here: I installed before I created the folder! Will reinstall and test again!]


    I had another try with the instructions from ozarcs (thanks!)

    I'm on a wetek play box (arm7) so I just tried the pi3/arm version. I tried as per the instructions.

    Comments: creating the directory in step 1 is fine but since it is empty then comskip won't find an ini file there.

    I tested the post-processor line from the command line, replacing the non-existing ini file with the default one in the installation:

    /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.comskip/bin/comskip.bin \
    --ini=/storage/.kodi/addons/tools.comskip/defaults/ini/comskip.ini \

    This runs, identifies the video file and its metadata, gives with a few error messages then dies:

    [mpeg2video @ 0x2c94fb0] Invalid frame dimensions 0x0.


    [mpeg2video @ 0x2c94ac0] gray decoding requested but not enabled at configuration time

    Illegal instruction (core dumped)

    I presume running from tvheadend is not going to make any difference.

    Any ideas?

    Searching for comskip info for a wetek play (imx6.arm) and this thread is the closest I've come. Any chance of an imx6 arm build? I had an old one that was working on an openelec installation but now it just fails with a missing library. CHeers - Merl