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    I'm using a Mini M8S II (see my signature), and everything works :
    - 24p working flawlessly (using x264 / 8/10 bits x265)
    - optical / HDMI passthrough
    - IR receiver is very good, I don't have to point my Logitech Harmony directly to it

    The only minor issue is the suspend mode : if I wake up the device after a few seconds, it works.
    But I can't wake it up after a few hours.

    Hi kszaq

    I updated from 10/28 dev build to 7.02.009, but I can't see any improvement...because everything was/is working flawlessly :)

    - poweron / poweroff / suspend / wake from IR
    - x265 8/10 bits, high bitrate (50 mbits/s) x264
    - stereo downmix to HDMI and passthtrough to optical
    - 23.976/24p working perfectly
    - no buffering issues (I'm connecting to a Synology NAS using NFS with 32 kb buffers, that might help)

    I've disabled wifi/BT/CEC, as I don't need them.

    The only thing I noticed is the size of my Thumbnails folder (which I populated with the script) : 1.1 Gb, instead of 690 Mb on a Raspberry Pi using the same MariaDB shared database.

    Really impressed with your work, will buy you some coffees :shy:

    Small issue with DNS resolver (I realized when using 'wget', every download was slow to start).

    Using 7.02.008 and DHCP, I don't get the correct DNS servers (the first one provided by my DHCP server is omitted) :
    # cat /etc/resolv.conf # Generated by Connection Managernameserver

    On a RPI2, which uses the same DHCP server :

    # Generated by Connection Manager

    Edit : well, my previous issue (unable to install an add-on) was related to the DNS resolver issue, now it's working fine :)

    Hi kszaq

    first of all, many thanks for your work.

    I've received a Mini M8S II (S905X, 2 Gb/8b) and installed the latest dev version from 10/28, with the correct dtb.img file.

    Everything works so far, but I can't install any extension/skin in Kodi (no error message, but I don't see how to browse the repositories).
    I'll try with 7.02.008 and report.

    I, too, confirm that there is substantial stuttering. Not only with with high bitrate files but also with smaller x264 ones with bitrate around 1000kbps. Looks like Krypton is not ready yet.

    Is there a console command to reboot from NAND? I use Amber as my main skin (very nice and fast) and it doesn't have this option in the shutdown menu.

    "# rebootfromnand" ?

    There's fewer info on files when using 'o' or info. Feels like every major kodi update strips more and more info on those screens. I do not like that trend as you have less data for debugging or distro comparison.


    from Codecinfo - Official Kodi Wiki :

    "FUTURE KRYPTON FEATURE:The codecinfo window/overlay normally contains information about the currently playing media, such as video and audio codecs, frame skips, decoding method, etc. Starting in Kodi v17 most of this information has been moved to a new window called PlayerProcessInfo. Default keymaps will be adjusted to use this new window (i.e., the "o" key will automatically use the new window). Custom keymaps should change CodecInfo to PlayerProcessInfo"