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    On my Slice, I occasionally get a whitish flash of the LEDs at shutdown, not long red/Orange like it should be.

    bleep42 we kind of "crossed in the post"

    I will go and test on my main box, and see if the problem exists without doing the clean install... I would rather the upgrade process worked. I cannot recall if I have done a power off reset on that box as I just did the update remotely dumping the .tar with SCP and rebooting.

    Let you know....


    Hi Chewitt

    Test 2

    DownloadedSlice3.arm-8.1.0.image.gz from downloads page (rather than using the image from last time)

    reloaded to eMMC, booted and re-scanned music files. I have enabled SSH and am running PuTTY and TOP to see what is going on, as in the previous test.

    Try playing audio with default interface (HDMI) plays OK according to the screens but not tested audio.

    Set audio to ALSA. Play music and LEDs seem OK during play, pause and stop. Once the single green LED came on after the end of the play sequence and then went out a second or so later.

    REBOOT: the LED sequence stops at the end of the lines and restarts.

    During the power up sequence (and I thought I saw it before in the previous test) there are random red / green white flashes, while the expected blues etc are being displayed.

    Rebooted and tested again, same thing with the startup LEDS, random not normal colours.

    POWER OFF and remove power plug (this is important, I think......)

    ..... and everything seems to work as it should.... I am assuming that the power off LED sequence works but restarts some way through is a "bug" as the shutdown.png is a single decreasing line of red / yellow LEDS, but it really does not matter. The important thing is that it shows the pattern as an indicator of power off state.

    The moral is: load a new version and then do a power off reset of the box and all will be OK.... possibly.

    Be interesting to see if bleep42 finds the same.

    Any thoughts / observations / other tests you would like done?


    For kicks (and if you don't mind) .. make a backup and move off-box; then clean install to the eMMC again

    Hi chewitt and bleep42

    I did not mind and I have done a reflash of eMMC and reloaded 8.1.0. I used the Libreelec USB SD creator for windows to download the SLICE3 image and then copy it to the Slice. Added music library (000's of FLAC files)

    All appeared OK at first, default sound was HDMI (did not test sound output) but asked it to play, pause and stop. LEDs seemed correct. asked it to power off and the red/yellow sequence was kind of OK but stopped and restarted several times and the power on again was fine (blue leds).

    Changed audio to Pi analog LEDS nearest power socket came on (two one blue and one green): unexpected!! No audio (expected).

    Changed to ALSA Default(snd_slice Analogue) and got sound (expected) .

    Cycle power

    play music, green leds flash at start of track, all go out and a short while later the LED nearest the power socket comes on and remains on (green). Next track starts and green LED sequence is normal, all go out and a short time later the single LED (green) comes back on again.

    Reboot, the red / yellow LEDs have several attempts at the sequence (get to the corner) pause, restart sequence and proceed to end.

    Play music, LED green sequence plays at start of track.... no green LED on after. Next track starts and sequence of green OK and no green LED on after.

    reboot and the power off sequence is OK but for the half sequence and then the whole sequence on power down

    power off and remove power then restart. The sequence at power off is slightly different from reboot in behaviour: it pauses for a little longer just before the corner is reached then restarts and completes normally. At this time the hard disk is making a noise (powering off, perhaps?)

    Reboot and it is fine, all seems to work normally.

    What is different: no TV headend42, VNC, openweathermap and no playlists.

    All a bit strange!

    I will "rinse and repeat" and report back


    thanks for all your efforts with supporting Slice. I am sure it is appreciated by all the folks over at the FiveNinjas Forum, I appreciate it.

    I will post there when I have a successful update done, just tried and no update yet, Will retry later. easy enough to revert to 8.0.1.

    WRT your link: quite agree, more effort than it is worth, I will mention that it has gone in my update post at the FN Forum, may save you a few PMs :)

    With that in mind, the 8.0.2 release download page does not list the Slice hardware, I think it should so folks know which version to download if they want to do a manual update. It only lists the RPi. That will cause folks to PM you especially as the slice link gives 404 error!

    thanks again


    On 8.0.1 Slice3 release audio from the 3.5 mm jack works fine. On release 8.0.2 there are only three options for sound, no way to select the 3.5 mm outputs. as per the audio options setting page named for the release in the attched screen grabs. The left one is from 8.0.1 and the right hand one is from 8.0.2

    Also mentioned over at the Slice forum here

    EDIT: here is a link reporting LEDs not working on Slice I recall both the audio and LED issues when beta testing an earlier release of Libreelect for Slice.


    Something like this should work.

    Thanks, the for loop has a bug but the command works fine and setting 4 of them off warms my Slice nicely but after 1 hr I could not get it to go above 50 Dec C. Without heatsink, inside a minute it will start to throttle back the clock at 80 Deg C. Of course I know my heatsink is overkill here #162 but it does the job nicely.