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    thanks for all your efforts with supporting Slice. I am sure it is appreciated by all the folks over at the FiveNinjas Forum, I appreciate it.

    I will post there when I have a successful update done, just tried and no update yet, Will retry later. easy enough to revert to 8.0.1.

    WRT your link: quite agree, more effort than it is worth, I will mention that it has gone in my update post at the FN Forum, may save you a few PMs :)

    With that in mind, the 8.0.2 release download page does not list the Slice hardware, I think it should so folks know which version to download if they want to do a manual update. It only lists the RPi. That will cause folks to PM you especially as the slice link gives 404 error!

    thanks again


    On 8.0.1 Slice3 release audio from the 3.5 mm jack works fine. On release 8.0.2 there are only three options for sound, no way to select the 3.5 mm outputs. as per the audio options setting page named for the release in the attched screen grabs. The left one is from 8.0.1 and the right hand one is from 8.0.2

    Also mentioned over at the Slice forum here

    EDIT: here is a link reporting LEDs not working on Slice I recall both the audio and LED issues when beta testing an earlier release of Libreelect for Slice.


    Something like this should work.

    Thanks, the for loop has a bug but the command works fine and setting 4 of them off warms my Slice nicely but after 1 hr I could not get it to go above 50 Dec C. Without heatsink, inside a minute it will start to throttle back the clock at 80 Deg C. Of course I know my heatsink is overkill here #162 but it does the job nicely.

    Is that what you ordered, or a shipping mistake

    it is their error, I checked three times before I placed the order that I had the right number.

    They will not have stock until early Feb. They checked the parts bin and the lites they have are lites. Just the CM3 bin was populated with lites!

    I am returning them and have ordered some from RS which should arrive tomorrow.... and I checked the part number several times!


    NB: For the handful of people who are advance testing CM3 boards, the FiveNinjas folk requested the Slice2 image to be renamed to Slice3 to avoid user confusion. This means you will need to run "touch /storage/.update/.nocompat" before manually downloading the 7.95.1 beta else the compatibility check run during the update process will fail. It's technically possible for us to add an extra script to negate this, but with literally 5-6 people affected I've decided to finish something else and learn that trick another day :)

    Hi chewitt

    any news on the next update?

    any news on the bug I reported (rebooting Slice)? Do you need any more info / testing?

    I will be testing with a CM3 from tomorrow :D , postal system permitting :s


    I updated my slice to the 7.90.009 build from libreelec. Has anyone noticed that the transfer speeds are really really slow over EThernet/Wifi?For some reason after updating to the libreElec build (chewitt first and now the 009 one) the transfer speed are way slow as normally I can transfer about 2megs/secs and currently getting speeds about 130kilobytes/s. After a while the connection just breaks

    No problems speed-wise with mine, just the problem with play lists making it reboot when larger than a few CDs worth of tracks as reported earlier in the thread