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    Hi CvH, Slice 3 downloads, updates and loads fine. Will continue testing (flac music and internet radio only on this Slice).

    Edit: tested Slice 3 on my other box, plays video fine too :)

    Keep up the good work,



    Heat Sink ? I remember lots of discussions and trials on the now-defunct slice forum and in this forum


    as chewitt says it needs a bit of work and the CM3+ will need a slightly thinner heatsink (fatter CPU because of the silver top). The easy solution is as chewitt suggests, get a stick-on one. I found that it still did not really remove enough heat, especially when playing video, so I adopted the DIY approach. While the measurement of the sink needs to be fairly accurate, there is a slight bit of "give" if you press on the CPU so there is a small amount of lattitude when making one.

    There were a lot of different designs using bits of copper, I recall one was using buss-bar from a consumer distribution unit.

    I used a copper core from an old PC CPU cooler and while not the best at heat transfer, using an aluminium plate, fixing it to the case with epoxy resin glue and letting it sit on the CPU with some heatsink compound works fine. The combination of Cu and Al gave "just the right" size to bridge the gap. The plate is fixed so it prevents the sink being dislodged and doing damage inside.

    I attach a picture of the parts. The kaptan tape was used to position the sink and the heatsink compound was used to check contact with the CPU before finalising the design. You can use heatsink compound to help measure the gap, when it transfers to the case or CPU you have it "just right".

    I hope that gives you an idea of how to do it.


    (LE9 Beta 3) 8.95.003 builds (Kodi18 RC5.2) are ready for testing, could you pls test if it starts/works (we are sadly low at slice hw so we can't properly test it)

    Index of /test/slice/


    CvH : I tested CM3, it still works fine. Also confirm the updating / changing of the password works fine and is remembered across updates :) Music (mostly flac) only Slice


    Is it worth upgrading to CM3 for audio only use?


    I used the CM1 for audio and it worked fine.

    I upgraded to CM3 and the GUI interface and general responsiveness is much better. Worth the effort, I think, as the user experience is much smoother and faster, with less jerky screen / pointer movement. However the CM3 really needs a bit of cooling and a number of folks have "stuck a lump of copper"*** between the CM3 CPU and the case which keeps it running much cooler. Less of an issue for audio, almost mandatory for video.

    If the sluggish user interface (compared with a CM3) is not an issue, I agree with chewitt If it is not broken, don't fix it.


    *** Technical term, the actual solution was, in most cases, a little more refined :) (pun intended)

    LE9 Beta 2) 8.95.002 builds (Kodi18 RC4) are ready for testing, could you pls test if it starts/works (we are sadly low at slice hw so we can't properly test it)

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    Hi CvH

    Loaded fine on my slice and seems to work fine on the headless music player using VNC as the remote screen.

    Also loaded on the main media player Slice with HDMI screen, video and music play as expected.



    On Beta 8.95.001 I am using the Confluence skin. I went back to Estuary to test colour change. It works fine and survives a reboot. I selected green first, then rebooted and selected another, having seen the green come back OK. All seems to be fine on my Slice.

    Maybe, just maybe it is just you, however, my test on its own, is a statistically insignificant sample :)


    (LE9 Beta 1) 8.95.001 builds (Kodi18 RC3) are ready for testing, could you pls test if it starts/works (we are sadly low at slice hw so we can't properly test it)

    Index of /test/slice/

    Tested 8.95.001 on the Slice

    I use it head-less with VNC for music. That works fine (after I updated the add-on :) Turned auto update for the add-on on!)

    Downloaded Confluence skin, both that and Estuary seem to work fine in a short test.

    I will use this build now for more extensive testing on the Slice

    Thanks for all the hard work


    I did an update with a PI3+ and IQAudio board.

    I added


    to config.txt

    Then I could select IQ audio output and it all "just works" on the 8.95.001 beta.

    BTW I regression tested the VNC issue I reported a while ago, and that still works too :)

    Looking good so far



    Thanks for the fix, I confirm it works fine on a Pi3+. When there is a build for Slice CM3 I can test that too.

    Meanwhile I will give the Pi3+ a longer test


    updates and boots fine.

    Mouse and keyboard work fine with multimedia kbd/mouse

    I use UltraVNC as the GUI as the Slice is headless. My computer keyboard works fine. The mouse does not work. The pointer appears at the last place it was left using the multimedia keyboard / mouse. The ultraVNC mouse pointer appears when mouse button clicked and then goes away after a short while.

    If no mouse has been connected to the Slice since boot, the mouse pointer is at top left. It appears on mouse click and goes after a short while.

    removing the dongle for the MM keyboard and rebooting Slice and the bug is still there.

    Reverted to previous release version.

    Slice using CM3


    The same problem exists on V8.9.008 and V8.9.009 on a Pi 3+ with IQ audio.

    VNC mouse pointer is not working but mouse works fine when direct attached.


    8.90.009 boots fine and plays an internet stream fine.

    I use UltraVNC as the screen GUI interface. The mouse does not work via VNC. Moving mouse sometimes makes a big pointer appear in the top left corner


    Thanks chewitt, happy to remain on 8.2.3, just wondered why there was a difference in release number between Pi and Slice. Thanks also for the heads-up on new builds :) .

    Is there an update from 8.2.3 to 8.2.5 for the Slice after the problems with 8.2.4 and 8.2.5 were reported? The download page still offers 8.2.3 for Slice but my Pi boxes have 8.2.5 on them.



    Do you get anything at all for Fast Rewind? I don't.


    Happy to help, bit too wet in the garden at present, and this is a pleasant diversion from what I should be doing inside :)

    I confirm I do not see a Fast Rewind either, function OK no LED pattern on both my Slice3 units. I wonder if the pattern file has the wrong name? Chewitt??

    After a power off reset on my main box, everything seems to work as it should (fast rewind excepted).

    chewitt: I notice that the power off sequence on the other Slice3 (main box) is a little different, it only does the sequence once quite fast and never gets to the end before the power drops. They have different HDDs in them, the main box (a full fat Slice, gunmetal) has a standard issue HDD (Toshiba, I think). The Slice Lite has a Western Digital HDD. Maybe this is the reason for the different pattern?


    On my Slice, I occasionally get a whitish flash of the LEDs at shutdown, not long red/Orange like it should be.

    bleep42 we kind of "crossed in the post"

    I will go and test on my main box, and see if the problem exists without doing the clean install... I would rather the upgrade process worked. I cannot recall if I have done a power off reset on that box as I just did the update remotely dumping the .tar with SCP and rebooting.

    Let you know....