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    Thanks for the answer.

    I had already done this.

    However I went back to creating a new card with a clean image and I did the process that explained you with the files that you sent and the command still does not work.

    If you do the same process in the old image before quitting 9.0.0 it worked, I think it's something in dtb.

    I even did the same with CoreELEC and it works. Replaces dtb with CoreELEC, but the box will not start

    Any suggestion?

    To copy to rom. Tested and working

    chmod +x installtointernal

    I have a problem with that imagem KI Pro, KII Pro and KI Plus, remote don't work
    Anyone help me please

    Good chewitt

    Thanks for the first comment. And I apologize for having entered as a partner, it has already been removed.

    In relation to the second comment, I am sincere I did not understand very well what you wanted to say, if you can help me thank you enough.

    I don't want to harm anyone in any way, I just want to help like so many others here

    The addon that I created just helps to configure tvheadend in a simpler way with both oscam and oscam. Placing a list of channels as the logos

    Thank you


    I have put here the access to my repository where you have versions OScam, Tvheadend, Minisatip and Plex Media Server updated as I am getting.

    I also have an addon created by me "Tvhwizard" that in Portugal is very used for the configuration of Tvheadend and Oscam through Kodi

    Hope you like it



    Yes, I did it all. In the past I've never had these stresses to compile.

    I find it strange that a date of files gives error to compile, I correct one and it gives error in another one.

    I will recompile and put here the errors that it presents in a clean installation of ubuntu

    I have never had problems compiling the versions of LibreELEC 8.2 now I did a clean installation of Ubuntu 16.04 and can not compile anything ever presents error. The last error was to compile the bzip

    Can you help me?


    1. Make a note of your new image (which you collected) on the SD card (pay attention , it needs the SD card).

    2. Activate the media-boot.

    3. Run the LE through SSH and execute the command "fw_printenv" and send me log.

    @balbes150: How to check "activate the media-boot" ?

    If i use the image in USB in Minix X8HP don't boot. If i use update from tar to nand boot but the image gets the resolution of 480p and wifi do not work. Resetting the image has the same resolution, having to force the 1080p

    Hello afl1

    First of all, I have to take off your hat, great work you've done.

    I would like to know if you will update your git?

    In the S905 options I made a small change that I saw in another git that allows you to create the image for KI Plus and KII Pro I do not have to recompile everything. In the end it just creates the img.gz file with the dtb for the KI Plus and another for the KII Pro

    Best Regards