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    is there a guide posted on how to do what you say without loosing HD audio formats ?
    it would be a nice plugin/ability to be able to stream BT audio to another device
    well it would be for me anyway , never knew this was possibe with libraelec but am intrested in been able to achieve it though
    only ask about a guide as i have reading issues ;)

    This thread is kinda old, but still valid for le 8.2.1. And H0nch0 put exactly the right can we enjoy HD output and other times playing streams from Bluetooth devices?

    Maybe it helps sticking to certain platforms?

    Looking forward to this!

    Same here. Pulse-eight paired with Denon AVR and Panasonic VT50.

    With 7.0.3 all power states worked fine. Suspending libreelec turned off TV and avr. Turning on TV started libreelec and avr.

    Since 8.x this does not work anymore. Libreelec suspend does not turn off my TV or avr. Turning on TV only sometimes continues libreelec from suspend.

    Latest release affected 8.2.1.

    Well, as your hint was the release, I downgraded to 7.0.3. The installation worked like a charm. I was able to play movies again. But the userdata like addons was still updated with latest versions. I could not use this installation. Then I installed again 8.2.1. And you know what? Now the video is working again...

    I don't know the installation routine, but certainly there was something not updated accordingly. I would like to know the reason. If someone tell how I could identity potential causes, I will try.

    Hi all,

    recently I updated to Libreelec 8.2 and noticed that I cannot play videos anymore, neither from hard drive nor from stream.

    I can start the movie/stream with audio, but Kodi seems to stay in the home menu. It only seems, because in the right upper corner I notice that the movie is being played. When I press back or fullscreen, normally the video player comes in front. This does not work well, because I see the video menu (timeline, title, controls), but not the video itself. I am not sure whether I see the complete video player or only a part of it. But surely something is missing. And most often the video menu shows graphic glitches when doing its animation (moving all control elements out of screen). ;(:huh:

    Does someone know what happens here? How to check and reinstall the graphic stack?

    I am running an old AMD E-350. In system menu all accelerations are activated. System information looks complete.

    Wow, had this pain for such a long time. Searching for kernel bugs, kodi and libreelec updates, drivers...huh, that was a tuff one...and finally I am really happy that I have found this thread. Thank you guys!8)

    Successfully tested rocket321 solution. Will try the next one as well...