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    Well you run your games in 4K on a "Haswell" system. /shrug :D:D:D my bad.

    That hadnt even crossed my mind, I only had a new 4K TV delivered yesterday so it has always just been set at 1080/60 not 2160/30

    Kodi had autodetected and switched over to 4K, I've just switched it back to 1080 at 60 and everything is fine and working.

    apologies for all the hassle. feeling at bit silly now.

    Cheers for all the help.

    Build RR-20190308-82b98b0 is online

    • added PulseAudio volume control for emulators & frontends -> use the slider in the RR Config audio section to adjust it to your needs
    • updated to latest LE 9.x
    • upgraded Generic & RPi kernel to 4.19.27
    • updated to mesa-19.0.0-rc7
    • updated vulkan to 1.1.102
    • updated several libretro-cores
    • updated citra & dolphin

    If you run into problems use build 604e2e4 which does not support PulseAudio volume control.

    Hello mate

    Just wanted to say thanks for a great build.

    I have just updated to the above version, kodi is working all good with sound options but when I start emulationstation intially I had no sound playing on the videos and all the sound in the games are playing really slow and weird sounding, so had a read through here and used the rr config addon to change to HDMI dev 1 and changed backend audio to pulse from ALSA.

    Did a reboot and now the sound is great playing the videos etc.

    The problem I'm having is that when I start any game in any system the audio in the game itself is playing really slow and muffled low tones instead of normal.

    All the games sounds were working on the previous version I was using which was RR-201907-011018c i believe.

    I have tried everything from changing the hdmi to changing the audio back end from pulse to ALSA but still nothing in the games it still just plays really slowly.

    Im on the generic build with built in intel graphics.

    Cheers for any help with this.


    Hello guys

    I'm new to the forums so hello.

    I have a sandisk 32gb usb stick that I used to have my openelec setup on that I have formatted to use a s a fresh install of libre elec.

    The drive seems to be recognised as a hdd not a removable device and therefore the usb creator tool isn't picking the device up.

    Is there a manual way to create the usb stick like openelec or is there a way to make the usb tool recognise the device?

    Much appreciated for any help.