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    oke.. V8 - just using this post...I update as I go
    error msg kodi log:
    caesinkalsa:: handle errors(pcm_write - error 19 :no such device
    error:unable to load not open shared object file: no such file or dir
    error gl yuv2rgbglslshader unsupported format

    libreelec log...
    pastbin/twnuPVbA =system log
    pastbin/bHqVSJ0h =audio.log
    pastbin/0amcL9KS =kodi.log1
    pastbin/dqLMUin7 =Kofi.log2

    debug showing CPU usage :s89h is idling at 24%
    160% = 1 core always 100% / 1core always 60%...other just sleeping =was when I opened the Kodi.log (even after X)

    1.yes, v7 jarvis / v8 Krypton alpha
    *v8 is not issue free / audio out of sync / unable to click subtitle button / start vid..pause to cache..hit start, cache gone! (Cache was solved using advs.xml)
    2.yes..finless 2.1 111k4, i hat this installed...(prior to upgrading to libreelec)
    when using toothpick method it boots works using mouse
    *twrp or Android recovery : you could choose (both img where in the fw zip)
    Twrp images : TWRP for Amlogic devices. -
    3.don't know

    From what i have read.. you burn the libreelec img on the sdcard (and boot it)
    Then you can tryout..libreelec without losing android on the nand
    LibreELEC USB-SD Creator! – LibreELEC


    To solve:
    Cache disappearing: advancedsettings.xml with memorysize
    Audio out of sync: when vid starts to play..hit pause..let it buffer.. then hit play


    I have the vega s89H with Openelec instaled internal memory (NAND) , I want Install Libreelec ,
    I do not know which version to use and also do not know how to install, someone could help me

    Download the zip file...
    Extract : i will see 2 file's (sometimes 3)
    Take a sdcard...format as fat32
    Copy the extract files to the sdcard
    Poweroff sdcard in device
    Inside the av-port is the reset button use toothpick hold button
    Powerup s89 while holding button down...10sec release
    Now you are at androids recovery : update should start
    *If update from zip


    V7= more userfriendly and stable
    V8=is alpha version...but seems to work oke

    First thanks for bringing libreelec to the s802 and supporting it
    *i have the vega s89H with libreelec v8 and the beelink s85 with libreelec v7

    So, installed the LibreELEC-S802.S82.arm-8.0.0-2-alpha-devel
    And it works pretty well.. except
    Im a usbdac user (audioquest dragonfly 1.2 and 1.5)
    With volume set to max...little sound..with sw amplifier set to max..i get low sound
    I tried.. spdif/direct/ch upscaling.. etc, but no joy

    Any hits/advice