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    Hello duck7000,

    thank you for your reply! Unfortunately i do not have a 9.01 build from 5Schatten anymore. Since today i am on the latest nightly-release...

    It 's a little special in my case and configuration. I am using a HTPC with a DVB-S2 card and built-in BD-Drive. The mainboard is an Asrock J-4205 ITX board. Nevertheless with my old Escalade Remix 8.2 images the makemkv decryption is working (e.g. on the James Bond BD collection). Since Leia beta not anymore. How did you managed to get a working makemkv decryption?


    Fortunately i found an old 5Schatten RC5 9.0 release which i still did keep on a laptop. With this version decyption is working with the old makemkv addon. So this is the last useful known libreelec release in my opinion for this topic.

    Hi there,

    is this topic still alive?

    Because i also just would like to confirm that since Libreelec switched to release 9 and above (from 18.0 - 18.4), there is no decryption with all the matching Makemkv addons for the different releases possible anymore. So i am still back on LE 8.2 which for my opinion is really pity...

    Is there any solution found until now?

    Thx for sharing tested retroarch and works fine. :)


    I installed the latest available Retroarch package released for the MK808B+ and MXQ.
    Unfortunately i got the error message in Putty that the retroarch executable was not found
    but i also was able to start it manually as a service. The retroarch menu also wont show up.

    My Box is a K1 DVB plus with the latest Image from afl1 with all the latest kszaq's patches (
    The binary installation was running without any problems.

    What was my mistake?
    Any help would be very appreciated....

    I compiled OpenElec builds in former times for my old Ion-PC. So i would like to make a build from your Retroplayer by myself. The problem is, that i don't know how to do it for my K1 Plus S2/T2.
    Could you please give me an advice for, because you already created builds for the Wetek Hub (which none of them is working on my device).
    Every help would be welcome and appreciated.

    I have a retroplayer build of the WeTek_Hub which uses s905 here, retroplayer

    First of all, thank you very much for your RetroPlayer built.
    I installed it via the update function on my Disc (Storage) \.update directory.
    Unfortunately it is not working - it stops with a ssh error message line on the screen.

    My hardware is a K1 plus S2/T2. The built i was using before the update was the:


    which also was posted here. Maybe the device tree is not matching?

    (Installation is on MicroSD - Sideload, not in NAND)

    I tried to install the Retroarch plugin for the S805, but it seems not to be compatible with the S905 architecture. Is there some ongoing process or development in the loop for support the S905 somewhen, too?