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    Sounds like bad hardware, copying roms over should not freeze your machine.

    I'm sure that's a possibility as well. It didn't freeze while I was copying them over, it did it afterwards when I was finally on the box and checking some of the roms out. Wanted to make sure everything was running properly. It should get a good test run tonight. Either way, I'm sure the Media Center will end up with some much better hardware before long. Been talking about building a new PC for the wife to run her business. Wanted to become familiar with what's out there so I just used some spare parts laying around in the mean time.


    No to Chromebox. Box previously had Win7 on it. ~300GB HD was partitioned to ~200GB for system and ~100GB for storage. Originally used .img from 16/09/30 via USB. .img from 16/10/04 wouldn't install either (This one also wouldn't boot from USB stably. It kept freezing and creating graphic anomalies). Dropped HD into one of my Windows computers and Disk manager said 512MB primary and 292GB secondary partitions. Deleted both and did a quick format.
    Downloaded OpenELEC generic trying to get something working from HD. It installed, but wouldn't run. Kept giving error about unable to load Xorg and stated: Is your graphics card supported?
    Next, Downloaded and installed OpenELEC Generic Legacy. Everything went well except for a few times it froze.


    Think I might have sorted out the error with Flash partition size via the above steps.
    I'd love to get LibreELEC running on it now, but not sure how to place the .tar in the Update folder. Was going to use copy command via ssh, but can't get any command to report back on disk layout. Can't copy if you don't know what the OS is labeling drives.

    OK, think I figured it out. Gonna try via SAMBA shares.

    Well, that didn't work either. Got an error that there wasn't enough space. Using Gparted now to increase the size of the system partition from 512MB to 1GB. Is this drive going bad??

    After the resize, dropping the LibreELEC.tar from 16/09/30 into the update folder and rebooting appears to have worked. It is functioning atm, but only time will tell on its stability. Thanks guys.

    First of all. Completely new to the Linux OS and I'm far enough out of college I've forgotten most stuff regarding programming. That being said, I'm having issues installing and using this. After downloading the .img file I can successfully get the image onto my flash drive (using Win32DiskImager under Windows 10). when I place the drive into my computer and set USB to boot I can even get the OS to run from the flash drive. However, I can't seem to get a successful install on the HD in the computer. After running the installer I reboot as it tells me to after removing the media. When it tries to load the OS from the HD I get the error:
    No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!
    If i then type KERNEL it starts to load then stops with:
    *** Error in mount_flash: mount_part: Unknown filesystem ***

    What do I need to do to install on a freshly built computer? (of older parts: Core2Duo, Gigabyte P35C-DS3R, 4 gigs ddr3 ram, 8800 GTS 512)