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    The hardware capabilities and software is ok to run Kodi with Android. I have a 4k TV with less hardware capabilities and runs 4k videos (up to 25mbps avg bitrate, think about a devices designed for streaming) in Kodi or other players, through LAN.

    The thing is that this TV Box is known to be infected with malwares (I didn't know when I bought it) and I don't know what risk does it take. Also I like messing with those things and learning, but this one seems to be challeging with this chip!

    For the moment, what I am finding to be the best option is an unofficcial armbian build

    I have a TV Box with a RK3528 chipset and board, 2GB RAM and 8GB storage. It is a "Rupa X88 pro 13", it comes with Android 13 installed.

    Features are very similar to many other boards I have seen in this forum (2 USB ports, SD card reader, LAN, AV out, optical audio out, WIFI, Bluetooth, HDMI out) .

    But I can't find a version of LibreELEC to this specific chip. I would like to know if there is any beta or at least unofficial version for this chip to test, or if it is planned to be developed. Also I have read that this chip is an "evolution" of RK3328, I wonder if maybe the version for that chip would run on RK3528.