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    I have just formatted the sd (trying with usb-sd creator and balena etcher), I have inserted it into the tanix tx6 and when I want to turn on the device it does not turn on or do anything, however when I extract the sd from the tanix, it does turn on.

    say that if I insert the sd into the tanix already turned on it reads it, but when I try to restart the tanix or turn it off and turn it on again with the sd already inserted, it does not turn on again unless I remove the sd ...

    What can be caused this? When I format the sd on my pc it's done without problems, and even when I access the sd I see the libreelec files inside it

    Hello, thank you very much for your answer. So introducing only the sd already starts from libreleec automatically? Or do I have to press the reset button while turning on the computer?

    Once it boots, I also want to leave libreelec installed in the device's memory, I understand that to do that I have to do it through SSH (putty)??
    Regards, and many thanks again for your help.

    Hello, please I need someone to help me, since I am new to this...

    It turns out that I have purchased a TANIX TX6 player and I want to boot Libreelec from USB and then leave it permanently installed in the eMMC memory.

    I have downloaded the last corresponding stable image for the TX6 and I have formatted it on a USB with the Libreelec USB-SD creator app, I have inserted it into a tanix usb port and I cannot get it to boot from it. I've tried holding down the reset button while connecting power, and all I get is booting into recovery mode. Can someone explain to me how to boot from usb and install it on the eMMC memory later?

    I have searched for this question in the libreelec forums but I can't find anything that resolves my question... :(

    Thank you very much for the help