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    Like the title says, add an option to include the Low Frequency Effects channel in the downmix. There are a few of us (probably only a very few, but...) who are getting our audio through a 2 channel stereo amp, with ridiculously large floor standing speakers with the ability to handle LFE bass effects.

    I miss the rumble...


    Updated from Beta 2 to Beta 3, all is well. Everything that was working before is still working. My use case is pretty simple, just streaming from my NAS , X264, X265, MP4, 2k and 4k, all SDR. Thanks!

    Edit: Just upgraded my old HP300-230 HTPC (it looks like a Tupperware bowl) to Beta 3 and it is working well also.

    I run both LE and Kodi / Windows, my thoughts:

    1. Picture quality is equivalent (Windows required tweaking with the almost unusable and incomprehensible Graphics Command Center - thanks Intel).

    2. On my NUC7 & 8, both are smooth and fluid with heavy skins, and play all h264 content perfectly.

    3. Scraping is actually faster under Windows (both are using the same NAS with SMB v2).

    4. I haven't noticed Windows Kodi running any warmer than LE on the same hardware.

    5. One Windows benefit for me:

    - My audio is only 2 channel stereo, Kodi > HDMI > Samsung TV > optical TOSLINK > SMSL Q5 Pro 2 channel DAC/amp, with no L/R balance adjustment. In Windows I can adjust L/R balance in Windows audio, but LE lacks that feature. I've tried using alsamixer but with no success.

    I switch back and forth between boxes as my mood takes me, but both Windows Kodi and LE work great for me.

    Good to hear. Yeah, I've always used "Best Match" in the past with no problems.

    Just to add confusion, "Best Match" still works with the latest nightlies on my older HTPC (HP 300-230 i3), but that has Realtek audio

    hardware. Probably a driver issue? Oh well, it's working fine now, so I'm happy.


    NUC8i5BEK, i5 8259U CPU, IRIS PLUS 655 GPU, 16 G ram, LibreELEC (official): 9.95.1 10.0, kernel: Linux x86 64-bit version 5.10.21

    System starts ok, loads Kodi, menu navigation works with GUI sounds as expected.

    Start video file, play till end, screen returns to library screen (TV show, movie, etc.), GUI sounds work as expected.

    If I stop the video playback *before* the end of the file (the start of the end credits for example, or 30 seconds in from the start), the screen returns to the library view but now GUI sounds don't work.

    If I reset the Audio output device in System settings or reboot, GUI sounds return.

    I just now noticed that if I leave the HTPC alone for a few minutes, GUI sounds also return.

    This behavior has been present for the last few weeks of nightlies as well.

    A minor glitch to be sure, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Not whining, you understand :thumbup:

    Addendum: I forgot to add, this issue does not occur if I turn off "Adjust Display Refresh Rate", currently set to "On Start/Stop".

    LE ver Matrix nightly 20210129

    Hardware: NUC7i5BNK (i5-7260U, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, 16 GB ram, 256 GB M.2 SSD)

    Issue: With previous versions of LE (Leia and earlier) I could open the tar file produced by the LibreELEC Settings app backup function (with 7-Zip), add, remove or edit files and folders, close the archive and restore it to LE with the new changes. The tar archive looked like the image on the left when opened in Windows with 7-Zip. The one on the right is what is now produced by the Matrix nightlys.

    Now, the backup tar has an additional folder labeled "." full of PaxHeader files. When I open the "storage" folder I see the expected contents, but if I try to add a file or folder (advancedsettings.xml or sorces.xml for example), 7-Zip crashes. I *can* open and edit an existing file successfully.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Yes,

    Thank you for this! While my LE installation works (and looks) just great, I was always slightly annoyed that after a fresh install I had to go into the Video Calibration section and tweek my pixel ratios to get them to 1.000 and it would often jump from .998 to 1.001 or something like that while using the left/right buttons on my remote. It took several attempts to hit 1.000. Now I can just edit the guisettings.xml file.


    Hi All,

    LibreELEC noob here (Krypton v7.90.005 ALPHA, Aeon Nox 5 SiLVO skin), 3 year XBMC/Kodi user (on Windows). All is working well, no complaints!

    I was trying to find a way to change font sizes in my LibreELEC installation (easy in Windows, mildly obscure in LibreELEC) and googling revealed I would need to SSH into my HTPC and use something like Putty to open and edit the appropriate font.xml file. I just wanted say I found another way (probably all wrong and my HTPC will soon burst into flames).

    I ran the system backup from the LibreELEC administration program, copied the resulting .tar file over to my PC, extracted it with 7zip, found the font.xml, edited it with Notepad++, re-tarred the archive, copied back to the HTPC and restored. It seems to have worked! So far, anyway...