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    Thank you for this! While my LE installation works (and looks) just great, I was always slightly annoyed that after a fresh install I had to go into the Video Calibration section and tweek my pixel ratios to get them to 1.000 and it would often jump from .998 to 1.001 or something like that while using the left/right buttons on my remote. It took several attempts to hit 1.000. Now I can just edit the guisettings.xml file.


    Hi All,

    LibreELEC noob here (Krypton v7.90.005 ALPHA, Aeon Nox 5 SiLVO skin), 3 year XBMC/Kodi user (on Windows). All is working well, no complaints!

    I was trying to find a way to change font sizes in my LibreELEC installation (easy in Windows, mildly obscure in LibreELEC) and googling revealed I would need to SSH into my HTPC and use something like Putty to open and edit the appropriate font.xml file. I just wanted say I found another way (probably all wrong and my HTPC will soon burst into flames).

    I ran the system backup from the LibreELEC administration program, copied the resulting .tar file over to my PC, extracted it with 7zip, found the font.xml, edited it with Notepad++, re-tarred the archive, copied back to the HTPC and restored. It seems to have worked! So far, anyway...