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    I think I have solved my problems by adjusting the network settings in advancedsettings.xml. Set to buffer all videos and increased the buffer size. No more buffering issues so far. Haven't had a chance to do any testing with iperf3 yet.

    Try testing your network with the Iperf3 tool (available via the Network tools addon). Not sure if you can install/use iperf3 on your UNraid machine.
    Or maybe the overall bitrate was so high that it was too much for the Chromebox CPU/GPU?

    i doubt very much that refresh rates are the cause for the buffering, or Audio/Video sync. If that were the case, problems would arise immediately, not after an hour of video play. You will need to adjust your settings in the Video section of Kodi.

    If problems should continue, bypass your AV receiver and connect your Chromebox directly to your television. See if that changes anything.

    I'll take a look at this. Thanks. Is the network tools addon in the Kodi repo?

    Thanks. It's difinately a buffer issue. Playback was very nice. No stuttering at all with 23.976 frame rate. I found what you are talking about with advancedsettings.xml. Not sure what the best setting is, but I'll play around with it tonight and see if increasing the buffer size will solve this.

    Thanks again for all your help so far.

    This is a new setup. Watched several movies last night and was rather surprised to have buffering problems. Sometimes the video would play fine for an hour or more. Sometimes it would buffer every 30 seconds.

    Videos are stored on an unRaid server connected via Gbit network. Not sure if this problem is really directly related to the Chromebox or not. Could use some guidance as far as where to start troubleshooting and how to setup LibreELEC for best network performance.

    Still working on setting up a new Chromebox. I use Aeon Nox Silvio skin. All background art is stored on my network media server. The artwork folder is set as a source in Kodi, but when I try to select the folder in skin settings the only options I get are for the storage folder.

    How can I configure the network server to appear as a source?

    Alternatively, where should I store the artwork locally so that it won't be overwritten/deleted during updates?

    Under libreelec settings next to smb is ssh, that should allow it, err I think

    read this LibreELEC

    you might be able to just copy addons & the user data folders

    Yeah, I was able to copy all my userdata via samba. Just couldn't find the addon folder to copy the addons to.

    You're saying you used ssh to copy the addons? Never used it before. Guess it's time to learn.

    Just got a Chromebox and I'm working on migrating Kodi from my Mac Mini over samba. Can't figure out how to transfer the addons folder. I'm guessing it should be located at the root of LIBREELEC but there isn't an addons folder yet and every time I try to transfer one I get a message that I do not have admin rights. Am I moving the addons to the wrong location? How can I transfer them?

    I keep hearing great things about Kodi on a ChromeBox with LE. I've decide to migrate my current Kodi setup from my Mac Mini which has some hardware limitations that are becoming more and more of a problem. My plan is just to basically transfer my userdata and addons folders to the ChromeBox. Since I don't have any experience yet with LE, and not much with the linux builds in general, it seemed like a good idea to check this first with those who know. :huh:

    Want to try and avoid any pitfalls if I can.