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    Hi qashaf,
    I would like to try K2ProRC7.img on my Qbox (amlogic 905 2/16GB) in order to get my USB dvb-s2 tuners working.
    Should I be able to use this image on my device without bricking it?

    actually k2prorc7.img was modified from k1plus vitmos rc5 . these both boxes same architecture n input output port. I think it is not compatible with other box.

    Hello, have You tried to put OScam from kzsaq's builds LibreELEC?
    I 've copied one for You.
    ftp to Your image, generally You have to put it in /usr/bin, don't know for sure how it is for Openpli on Amlogic.
    chmod 755, config goes to /usr/keys/oscam.


    regards, Jefken.

    here is oscam from wetek play2 openatv5.3
    Version: oscam-1.20-unstable_svn-r0
    Compiler: aarch64-linux-gnu
    Box type: wetekplay2 (generic)


    LE v008 installed on K2pro sdcard. All working. I have experiened the error mention above when using LE v007. what i done, don't releash toothpick during installation untill box running, bootlogo,reboot,bootlogo then kodi jarvis logo. at this point you can releash press reset button usin toothpick...thanks

    hi k2pro, how to activate or running wicard emulator in enigma2? i know to configure but dont know to run the wicard.

    i tested vitmod v2 rc6 with k2pro.dtb and replace rc6 enigma2 folder usr/lib/enigma2 with rc5 enigma2. the broken gui fixed. dvbs2 working well. i attached here some pictures. i use LAN Nework for internet.

    Use KODI first to telnet and ftp, use client like PuTTY, SSH, SFTP, WinSCP. User:root Pass:root.

    here from someone:

    For someone is looking for Enigma2 running on K1 Plus & K2 Pro. I already modified an image from Vitmod RC6. Its all works fine in Enigma2. Channel can scan very well. GUI already fix. But still looking for OSCAM. I already upload to my server but for your information its 3.7GB because it its an image backup from 4GB Sdcard. Here is the link:- K1 Plus Vitmod RC6 (Modification) Version: K1PlusRC7.img K2 Pro Vitmod RC6 (Modification) Version: K2ProRC7.img Thanks to Vitaly for great works. I hope @Vitaliy_S can make an OSCAM-emu working with Enigma2.

    Customizing Oscam with HTS Tvheadend

    Customizing Oscam with HTS Tvheadend on OpenELEC 5.0 for crafty view

    After installation oscam is started automatically, and all config files are located in:

    oscam web interface is accessible on port 8888 with username oscam and passowrd oscam.

    For an example: If your Box have IP address, in web browser you should open

    I also test this build yesterday in my K2 pro combo:
    There 4K worked OK- Tested in Samsung 4K TV at 3840/2160 24P
    Neutrino with DVB-S2 worked OK, tune chanels, but cant use 4K sattelite chanel, DVB-C and DVB-T not worked for me, see signal level 80% SNR 6% and cant tune .
    VDR cant tune DVB-S and DVB-C
    Enigma not OK

    for enigma2 broken gui fixed, but need to replace enigma2 folder from vitmod rc5 folder, hopefully someone can build and wifi dualband and bluetooth drivers will fixed.

    When someone need use dvb-t and dvb-s together, 2 important things.
    -Need enable power save both dvb device
    -recommended disable epg and scanning functions

    Sometime when read epg, isn't switch to other tuner, and no adapter error message readable

    Use Web epg, or epg addon

    yup, if epg function enable, we have to wait epg scanning complete. I think the error DVB-T #0 - poll TIMEOUT like dvb driver issue.

    Can someone help me with the cccam configuration of tvheadend and Oscam, please? I am doing something wrong and the cccam is not working...

    tvheadend oscam installation and configuration

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    My K2pro stil with LE The dvbs2 and dvbt2 are working successfully now but need to tune setting the tuner. For dvbt2, error exist many time "DVB-T #0 - poll TIMEOUT" and lastly the tuner successfully scan the channel. For dvbs2, the tuner successfully scan for certain satellite. The tuner fail to scan certain satellite, depends on TP frequencies.

    make sure power save selected for dvbs2 dvbt2. when the satellite channel turn on, to choose terrestrial T2 channel make sure stop (STOP button on RC) the satellite channel first before turn on T2 channel.

    2016-10-08 07:43:44.484 subscription: 00DF: "scan" subscribing to mux "682MHz", weight: 2, adapter: "Availink AVL6862 : DVB-T #0", network: "mytv", service: "Raw PID Subscription"
    2016-10-08 07:43:46.173 linuxdvb: Availink AVL6862 : DVB-T #0 - poll TIMEOUT
    2016-10-08 07:43:49.479 mpegts: 682MHz in mytv - scan no data, failed
    2016-10-08 07:43:49.480 subscription: 00DF: "scan" unsubscribing
    2016-10-08 07:43:59.479 mpegts: 682MHz in mytv - tuning on Availink AVL6862 : DVB-T #0
    2016-10-08 07:43:59.483 subscription: 00E0: "scan" subscribing to mux "682MHz", weight: 2, adapter: "Availink AVL6862 : DVB-T #0", network: "mytv", service: "Raw PID Subscription"
    2016-10-08 07:44:00.982 linuxdvb: Availink AVL6862 : DVB-T #0 - poll TIMEOUT
    2016-10-08 07:44:04.464 tot: 682MHz in mytv: invalid checksum (len 8, errors 1)
    2016-10-08 07:43:58.015 mpegts: 682MHz in mytv scan complete

    2016-10-08 08:10:47.328 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/TVAH: success
    2016-10-08 08:10:47.332 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/BNC: success
    2016-10-08 08:10:47.334 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/TV3: success
    2016-10-08 08:10:47.337 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/8TV: success
    2016-10-08 08:10:47.341 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/TV9: success
    2016-10-08 08:10:47.345 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/TV1: success
    2016-10-08 08:10:47.350 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/TV2: success
    2016-10-08 08:10:47.362 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/NTV7: success
    2016-10-08 08:10:47.368 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/TVi: success
    2016-10-08 08:10:47.371 service_mapper: mytv/682MHz/TestChannel: success

    2016-10-08 07:16:09.122 mpegts: 10772V in measatku - tuning on Availink AVL6862 : DVB-S #0
    2016-10-08 07:16:10.022 subscription: 0043: "scan" subscribing to mux "10772V", weight: 5, adapter: "Availink AVL6862 : DVB-S #0", network: "measatku", service: "Raw PID Subscription"
    2016-10-08 07:16:19.961 mpegts: 10772V in measatku scan complete

    i use tvheadend 4.2, diseqc 1.0 OK

    Sanning fail but tuner is working in some way. I noticed that every time I restart the KII I found more service in the network . It add a mux time by time, may be one mux every restart. But service are not mapped in channel. I tried to "map service" manually (map all service) and channel is added to the list, and also in kodi.
    But... if I click on the channel on kodi, the stream don't start (no signal) until I open the channel from web interface with look TV. Actually I have 148 Service, 94 channel but only a few are working (and only with matroska stream profile)

    what i understand from wetek forum, this is tvheadend bug for first time open stream livetv

    i tested dvbs2 with 6in' dish high gain lnb (very high signal snr n stregth using satfinder and other box about 90-100%, several tp 80-90%, when using k2pro shows 70-80%), t2 still not working during scan...i think this is because of dvb drivers

    i tested dvbt2, scanning fail but dvbs2 working well. blutooth also working successful. i aware that dvbs2 signal low 10% compare to my enigma2 box. normal signal for certain transponder 80-90%, but with k2pro around 70-80%. . tuner sensitivity also weak, this factors gave no signal or lost during scan or livetv. i dont know what is the minimum signal that suitable the box to scan successsfully.