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    When in this configuration I boot up LE, I can switch to the console using Alt-Ctrl-F3.

    For Ubuntu, I can use ubuntu dpkg-reconfigure console-setup to increase the font for the tty console.

    I can update the grub configuration to use a lower resolution so that the grub menu is not very small.

    There should also be a setfont and/or vconsole route to increase the font size for tty terminals but I have no experience with those tools. But neither are they available within the linux used for LE as far as I can tell.

    And yes, I know I can SSH into LE. But that isn't always a practical solution for me.

    Hi, just regular LibreElec 10.3 generic in a multiboot setup (grub) using:

    menuentry "LibreElec" {

    set root=(hd0,6)

    linux /KERNEL KERNEL boot=/dev/sda6 disk=/dev/sda5 quiet nosplash tty systemd.debug_shell


    I switched over to another computer and always use the debug console flag for switching over to the command line. But on this computer the letters are very tiny and the regular ways on selecting larger font sizes do not work. Setfont for example could not be found.

    Does anyone know how to get a larger font in the debugging console?