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    I've just tried it (x264 movie playback) again, copied to SD instead of using usb3 ext hdd (in powered hub) still the same. when I open Codecinfo I can see no dropped frames nor skipped. But when the video freezes - Player a/v increases up to ca 10s and then drops to 0.0xx and video plays normally

    Hi, I’ve wrote it recently but I’ll ask again. Doesn’t anyone have the same problem: When watching movie (whatever type, from usb3 hdd/sd card) the screen stops subtitles stop but sound goes, this lasts few seconds and then everything goes normally, it happens several time during the movie. When I rewind the “lagging” passage it will play then normally(so it is not corrupted) This lagging is randomly. Sometimes after 10minutes sometimes 3 lagging passages in short interval.

    Rock64 clean install 8.9.007 without any addons. 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

    Update: this is in the log from that time

    Nov 17 12:21:52 LibreELEC kernel: rk_iommu ff360480.iommu: FORCE_RESET command timed out
    Nov 17 12:21:52 LibreELEC kernel: rk-vcodec ff360000.rkvdec: Failed to attach iommu device
    Nov 17 12:21:52 LibreELEC kernel: rk-vcodec ff360000.rkvdec: vcodec service attach failed
    Nov 17 12:21:52 LibreELEC kernel: rk-vcodec ff360000.rkvdec: resetting...
    Nov 17 12:21:52 LibreELEC kernel: rk-vcodec ff360000.rkvdec: reset done
    Nov 17 12:21:52 LibreELEC kernel: rk-vcodec ff360000.rkvdec: reset done

    Hey guys, I just want to report my troubles with 8.90.006 on Rock64.

    When I play a movie (whatever type/resolution) I have screen freezes and after few seconds it play again normally. Sounds goes on still. Workaround is rewind few seconds back or wait. First I thought there’s a problem with my usb3(in powered usb3 switch) but it’s the same behavior when I move a movie to SD card. The screen doesn’t freeze in the same time twice, it is “random”.

    Don’t know if it is related but Kodi in idle can take up to 45% cpu time. Not sure how much it took when playback/screen freezes. Worth find out I gues :)

    Hey guys,

    I use nightly builds on my rock64. Huge progress was made, appreciate it. But there's a still thing on my rock64. Sometimes it freezes suddenly.

    For example yesterday I was watching a movie, last record in my kodi.log.old is with time 21:39 and then new one kodi.log 22:41 right after the movie froze and I had to reboot the device.

    Is there a way how to debug this ?

    Hi, same behaviour. Sometimes I pause or stop video and then "no input" on TV or blank screen with video time with no response with remote controller nor mouse/keyboard. When this happens it is in 90% available with ssh and I can reboot it with command.

    Thank you for an answer. I’m aware of all of this. I’m not asking to finish it right now. What I was asking is if anyone had the similar problem(whatever device) or an opinion how someone more experienced will proceed. What is the best procedure for this kind of debugging when there’s no connection over network to read the log files. Afaik there’s no simple solution to run command line from Kodi,right?


    I’ve tried both master Libreelec or last Raybuntu distro. It works, but there’s no wired or wireless (usb dongle)connection available.

    The problem is I can’t see logs, because I can’t connect to the device? Any ideas? It seems my only option at this moment is UART,right?

    Did anyone experience the same problem with no ethernet?


    I've just installed Zomboided add-on. With custom provider. If you will need help...

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    Thanks, my fault, somehow I installed version without additional drivers.
    BTW I can not see in tvheadend (Web interface) tab for CAs settings for setting up communication between oscam and tvheadend. Is it now in new version integrated with the code and we do not need worry about setting it up?

    I haven't had time yet for trying oscam. If you figure it out, let me know.

    Go to the dvb drivers addon and activate ljalves drivers (should reboots directly afterwards)

    It was before CvH published his images for RPi with dvb-drivers. Now you can download it from him. He prepared everything.
    hen like he said, you have to open dvb drivers addon and activate ljalves, after reboot you can run 'dmesg' command in terminal to verify if you see TBS card.