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    LibreELEC's main idea to be a JEOS just for Kodi seems increasingly outdated. It is not that Kodi isn't good any more; the problem is that addon builders (being one man shows not corporations) are nowadays incapable of keeping up with content. And even if they produce an addon that initially satisfies the demand for a specific content provider, this provider changes something in the way its content is presented which breaks the addon; by design or accident, who knows...

    IMHO the only way to keep LibreELEC up to date is to drop its exclusive focus on being a shell for starting Kodi and adding Chrome(ium) and VLC to its launching capabilities. After all, being Linux with a GUI and a fluxbox window manager makes LibreELEC capable of launching everything a Linux box can launch.

    Offering a Chrome(ium) addon is not a solution. It has been tried and tested, and found to not work 100%-ly.

    Adding VLC to Chrome(ium) makes sense because VLC currently handles IPTV/VOD playlists better than any other program out there.

    My proposal is not to downgrade Kodi: content which can be viewed inside Kodi's addons is presented much better than it could be within standalone Chrome(ium) or standalone VLC. The problem is that A LOT of content out there does not fit into Kodi, and the addon developers being one man shows and working for free have no way of keeping up with the demand.

    On Windows there is a (they called it) nightlies channel for Kodi, which contains not development versions but bugfix updates to the current stable version. It specifically states that these are stable versions containing only bug fixes, and while it does not explicitly state that they should be preferred over the stable channel the inference is inescapable.

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to have the same on LibreELEC? That is, a channel where the core system (LE) is at the same state as the currently stable LE branch, but the Kodi shell is updated to the state of the currently stable bugfix update.

    Since I upgraded to v10.0.2 (Generic) I experience freezes EVERY time I boot up. It may happen during tinkering with system or GUI setings, or playing media --- but it happens. The screen freezes, controls (keyb/mouse) do not respond, time as shown on-screen or on the screensaver is frozen at some point in the past. When it happens during playing media, the system sometimes just freezes and sometimes it reboots; mostly it freezes. When it happens during tinkering it never reboots, just freezes. I am on an AMB Kabini APU clocked at 2400 and 8GB of DDR3 RAM, which should be more than enough to run LE/Kodi (playing all the modern codecs ---H.265, VP9--- has never been a problem. My screen is 1920x1080p @60Hz (Plasma). LE boots off a USB3.0 stick attached to a USB3.0 port.