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    Ignore everything below. I tried substitution and it failed.


    To be honest, I don't know. I don't use path substitution at all, so I don't have any practical experience. I would think that you could just mount the folder using LE and then update your path substitutions.

    So if you currently have something like:

    1. <substitute>
    2. <from>C:\Movies</from>
    3. <to>SMB://</to>
    4. </substitute>

    You'd now mount // to your S912 box /storage/movies (or wherever)

    and change your substitution to:

    1. <substitute>
    2. <from>C:\Movies</from>
    3. <to>/storage/movies/</to>
    4. </substitute>

    Again, I don't have any real world experience with substitution, so the above is purely speculation on my part.

    vinbot3000 I have a question regarding this fix. I originally created my library on my pc (kodi) then for my S905X and S912 I use pathsubstitution so they go look for the sources on my PC. Does this mean that I have to recreate the library using the S912 machine? Thanks in advance!

    OK my subtitle issue is not related to the mysql database.

    It is related to SMB.

    If I have the subtitle file in the same directory as the movie on an SMB source - CRASH

    If I have the subtitle file in the same directory as the movie on an NFS source - WORKS

    If I have the subtitle file in the same directory as the movie on an LOCAL source - WORKS

    So I guess I can work around this by having a custom dir located on an NFS (or LOCAL) share for the subtitles (I've never tried this before, but I think I've seen settings for this)? I'll try it out later this week.

    Odd that the movie is fine over SMB, it is just the subtitle files that cause problems.

    Anyway, if anybody has any ideas as to why subtitles over SMB causes crashes - I'm all ears.

    The convention is same name for movie and (.srt) subtitle => mymovie.mkv and, maybe that is the problem.

    With the same image version on my box, with the same names for video and subtitle, I cannot get it to crash, or provoke one what ever I try...

    Hmmm, based on Subtitles - Official Kodi Wiki it is valid to have the language indicated in the name of the file. Regardless I tried renaming it to - still crashes.

    As c_g_f noted, I'm using a mysql db for all my platforms. Everything works fine on my other platforms, LE running on an NVIDIA ION (Acer Aspire REVO R1600). It is only the Minix NEO U9-H that crashes.


    Turned on a bunch of debug logging. Here's what happens when I press Select on the Movie up until it crashes.

    EDIT 2:

    For the issue where it crashes just by going to "Movies" - again with debugging turned on, even if I don't choose any file in the Movies, I can see it crashing due to the subtitle file (.idx this time) for one of the movies. I think by going into Movie Kodi stars scanning and when it finds this subtitle it crashes. If I remove that one specific .IDX file, then it no longer crashes just by going to Movies (but it still crashes when I try to Select a movie that has subtitles).

    So to summarize

    Problem 1: Crashes when going to Movies

    -In my case it was due to a specific IDX file.

    Problem 2: Crashes when selecting any Movie that has an associated subtitle file

    -Through trial and error I can see that it crashed if there are more than about 68 lines of data in the SRT file (ie: if I delete everything after line 68, then when I select that movie, it does not crash). I tried this on several randomly selected movies and it is consistent.

    I don't know why it caused Kodi to crash, and it doesn't cause it to crash on my non-s912 setups.

    Anybody have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas?


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    I am indeed using the standard Estuary Kodi Krypton Skim.

    Not sure if any of this helps shed some light:

    Left the unit on (doing nothing) overnight and it did not crash.

    I can watch some videos without any problems.

    I can watch live tv (nextpvr addon) no problem.

    And ... an aha! moment. The crash happens if there is a subtitle (srt) file in the directory of the video. If I remove the srt file, then it does not crash!


    To clarify a bit here, as I noted earlier I can cause the crash by either watching some movies, or by scrolling through a large db of movies.

    The watching crash seems related to the subtitles. That's the one where if (a) an SRT file exists in the directory where the movie is located AND (b) the SRT files is names with the same filename as the movie (mymovie.mkv and then it crashes upon selecting the movie (not pressing play on the movie, just going into the detail screen for that given movie). If I rename the SRT file to something else (but still with the SRT extension) then I can go into the detail screen and can play the movie.

    The other crash where scrolling through a large collection of movies, still seems to occur. In that scenario, if I just go into the "Movie" list and even do NOTHING, it crashes after a few seconds. This does NOT happen if I go into TV Shows.

    Glad to hear!

    I have the exact same scenario .. downloaded the tar. Copied it to multiple Acer Revos .. all of which were on the same version of Openelec (6.0.3) and yet 1 failed with the size error, while the others succeeded.

    I'll do the clean install method, but it would be interesting to understand why 1 of multiple identical platform fails.