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    I'm confused, please clearly explain to me what you want. I have provided everything you have asked for to date?

    I can assure you I am connected to a lan, not sure how my movies would stream from my nas otherwise? The wifi has been disabled.

    I am sorry you are getting frustrated, but that is certainly not my intention, maybe I am missing you requirements? If you could maybe make a numbered list I will be sure to get everything for you.

    Hi JoeAverage

    Thanks for your quick reply.... Please find a copy of my journalctl output below:

    If you require anything else just let me know... I am new to all this so I might need some guidance.

    I have updated and downgraded the bios a few times, currently running the latest version. All versions experienced the same issue. I can't rule out the bios, but I am thinking it might be unlikely due to the problem persisting across versions. Unless they haven't fixed it of course.

    Hi JoeAverage

    Thank you for your response.... let me spell it out again:

    1. I am using the nightly build
    2. I am using a NUC5i3RYK

    3. I have supplied the debug log

    4. It happens when ethernet is connected (wifi disconnected) and we are streaming videos/movies (whether they are pirated or not, who cares).
    5. Using the exact same machine, same network running windows kodi, everything is fine.

    Was there something else you needed?

    Hi CvH I am using an old NUC (5i3RYK)

    As a rough guide it started happening on the first nightly I ever used :) 18th Jan. When I have some time I could install some older builds to find the exact day.

    popcornmix Happy to provide logs also... please give me a few days.

    Hi JoeAverage

    Thanks for the response, but please let me explain.... the issue was probably explained thoroughly at the top of the thread, but you may have forgotten over time.

    The issue is not with wifi. The issue is with ethernet. I personally believe it might be the intel driver, but it could be something else.

    It is defintely not the video, this happens with almost every video I play. I have also played the same video several times over wifi and etherent. Ethernet is the only time that Kodi freezes.

    I have played the same videos on another machine over ethernet without issues... So, seems like my NAS is OK.

    Could you expand on your hint regarding linux? not sure where I was using blanks/underscores?

    heitbaum  CvH chewitt do the logs shed any light?

    Hi Guys

    Not sure if this is a Kodi problem, or a my PVR addon problem but when viewing a tv channel and then pulling up the channel list (left hand side), the menu starts animating/glitching back and forth when I attempt to change channel?

    Please see a link to a video showing the issue:

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    Would be very grateful of any tips or tricks that I can use to resolve this problem. I am using the latest nightly build of LibreElec, 28th Jan 2022

    I believe I provided the full logs? Was there something else you were expecting?

    Thanks for the info and link, I will double check the Settings → System → Logging section to make sure debug logging is enabled. I was also install the Kodi Log Uploader to make things a bit easier.

    Could be a few days before I can replicate the bug, as it happens randomly.

    Talk soon.

    Also, here is the crash log...


    Hi Guys

    After a few days without any problems the issue occurred again on Saturday night at 8:07PM while watching a movie. I grabbed the logs immediately.

    Your help diagnosing the issue would be most appreciated.


    chewitt This is using the Kodi Nigthly build

    Let me know if you need anything else


    JoeAverage I think you might be on to something.... I have had my wifi disabled for 24 hours or so, and no problems as yet! I played two movies while doing other jobs around the house, and they had no freezing occurred.

    I did also update to the nightly build as suggested by chewitt. Maybe I should have tested one thing at a time.

    In a few days time I might turn the wifi back on again and see if the problem returns.

    Getting very close to figuring this out now... thank you all for your help. I am very happy :thumbup: