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    Tried latest Nightly on Orange Pi 3... Played local media perfectly; however unable to connect to Kodi Add-on / Update? Presume upstream issue as able to ping Google via ssh session.

    UPDATE: Captured the following from the logfile... Its a Repo issue....

    Errr... what he said! :)

    If I get chance between wife and new born tonight I'll compile both CvH latest branch and TBS Opensource and post dmesg output... that may shed some light?


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    Hummm; there's nothing on the device or the box. I'll double check with each branch and I might also try with a better power supply? That might be causing issues tho it didnt on Raspbian.

    Thanks again for your time!

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    ljalves-cc Identified as TurboSight TBS 5990 (card=25) and then it crashes - iirc there is some v2 or something of this device that didn't work (could you have a look at the box if there is something printed on)?

    tbs official: TBS 5990 is supported Home · tbsdtv/linux_media Wiki · GitHub but didn't show up - are you sure that that it was selected correctly ? because it didn't showed up in the dmesg

    I've tried a couple different power supplies; and tried a RPi2 just to check... Can still only get the TBS 5990 recoginised with ljalves-cc, and it crashes every time.

    I'll load raspbian tomorrow night and try compiling the official TBS Drivers just to confirm they should work too :/



    Uploaded 1.64
    - change/updated Digital Device back to main repo -> major upgrade (support for some v2 cards)
    - updated ljalves-cc to latest
    - updated tbs-oss to latest

    Hi CrazyCat,

    First of all big thanks for all your effort; I bought a TBS 5990 on a bit of a whim foolishly thinking USB DVB support would be a given... :/.

    If i build the driver set (using Raspbian minimal) from the latest branch on RPi2/3 it builds fine and loads modules / firmware for the TBS 5990.

    However if I install LibreElec with Dvb support and select Ljalves-cc my tuner isn't detected. Is this because it's ARM?

    Apologies if this has been asked before; I vaguely remember seeing a post but couldn't find it.

    Thanks again for all your hard work