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    It all depends on your usage, how many addons you want, how big your library it, where it's stored etc.:

    • the minimum card size is 1GB for a regular system image - but you will have to manually update by unpacking files as 1GB is too small even for a system update
    • in my opinion a reasonable minimum is a 4GB card

    You have to remember that user data partition capacity is (card size - 512MB).

    Hi i have a95x 2/16g box...i am using an 8g old class 4 microsd card...shall i use a faster card to get better results ??

    I have a box nexbox A95x S905x, I'm unable to start, the three methods. Someone who has this box could help me.
    It looks like this.

    Installed fine on my A95X 2 gb version......will report back how its later ! Thanks for all your work !

    The back button does not work on the remote....anyone have any views ?


    I am getting error ---------cannot mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 .....any idea ? Doing it on A95X 2gb/16gb using micro SD card....Thanks in advance