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    I have a beelink GT1 ultimate and the frequency is normally of 2GHz.
    I check cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/sca ling_cur_freq 1512000.

    Can somebody tell me how to change the maximal frequency ? I try to find the boot.ini but i don't know where i can find it.

    I just pass form an S905X to a S912. I use the last version 8.0.1h EXPERIMENTAL.
    I have an issue with TvHeadend, when i watch TV after some time (nearly 1h) i have some artefact on the display. I never have this type of issue with the movie (play form my server on nfs)

    I don't what i can try, or monitor to have information on this issue. Thanks for your help

    I have one question, i install the last version on my mini8S, and for the moment it's work with the original remote.
    I would like to use my harmony, but i think that i have to change something at remote.conf level ?

    I try to test with USB IR module and it's work with my configuration of my HTPC, but not with the IR module integrated.
    Do you have some idea ?

    No, I don't think you missed something in the config. The 3D implementation on the RPi3 just seems more complete than that of an Intel IVB computer. It could be a 'simple' Intel driver video issue. I have the same experience with an Intel C1037UN-EU box. It's also possible not every TV has the same implementation of the 3D standards, much like CEC can work differently on various TVs.

    So you thing that my HPTC config is not able to send command through HDMI. My TV is not 3D and 4K (HDR10) , I look after upgrade my HTPC, I was thinking of the new intel Kaby Lake, but is it the best solution ?

    Anybody have an intel with an auto switch of the TV to 3D with 3D movie ?

    I have an issue with my Libreelec 7.0.2
    When I start a 3D movie kodi ask me to select the 3D mode but my TV still display in 2D (I have 2 picture sidebyside or topandbottom)
    I test the same movie on same HDMI port and same cable, with the same version of Libreelec on my Rpi2 and my TV switch to 3D.

    Do I miss something on the configuration ?