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    kszaq: from your latest development build, Audio stuttering both on SD and HD content is evident. It makes the video totally unwatchable.
    It is affecting all the video content no matter which source. Any idea what you might have changed in the latest dev build ?

    awaiting fix for this. Thanks in advance.

    Same here.

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    Wrxtasy has this notice in his LE thread for Wetek Play 2: Interlaced DVD Rips (480/576i) will use high quality YADIFx2 Software deinterlacing. Is something similar possible in your builds, Kszaq? Mpeg2 files playback is not as good as the other formats. But that is my only con. Thank you for your hard work.

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    Yes, I can confirm that behaviour. It happened to me twice or so. First time it was on pre-007 test build.

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    I am on the latest test build too. It works fine. One minor thing about mpeg2 playback. No stuttering, but motion is not as smooth as mpeg4 or H.264 files. I tried to turn on and off HW acceleration in Kodi video settings for mpeg2 and quality of playback seems to be similar. I stay with 720p and up after all.

    It looks like staying on 005 seems the better
    option than updating to 006 for now, when
    regarding the disadvantages or did I misinterpret

    For me one of the key improvements is smooth playback start without 5-10 seconds missing bug. I did not found any new bug to bother me so I prefer the latest 006 build.

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    Now I found that missing start of the playback was solved in SPMC 16.4.2. I had previous SPMC Jarvis builds on my Android tablet and the bug was there. Now on 16.4.2. it is finally solved. Maybe devs could use Koying patch for LE builds too. Very excited about that.

    Change it to something else in remote.conf (in /storage/.config) - or just removing the entry altogether in remote.conf should work.
    That won't affect switching on - LE isn't running when it's off, the power-on is hard-coded to the box.

    I have Minix A2 lite remote for Beelink MiniMXIII box. Power on from suspend is not working with A2 lite. If it is possible can you give me some advice how to change remote.conf to make power on with a2 lite working? Thank you!

    Beelink original remote:

    A2 lite remote:

    Here it is for Beelink Mini MX III box. I will get one next week so I got this from the Beelink website for you.
    Thank you so much for your hard work!

    P.S. I would like to use Minix A2 lite remote with Mini MX III box. Do you have remote.conf for A2 lite?