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    If you are selecting a local file in Step 2 you are not downloading anything so Step 1 is (correctly) blanked. If you reselect something in Step 1 you are no longer using a local file so the previously selected item in Step 2 is (correctly) blanked.

    No bug here to be fixed :)

    Ah ok. The method behind the madness.
    Thanks for pointing that out to me.
    It all makes sense now

    There is no need to format because we write complete disk image to a USB stick/SD card. Any data on a device is overwritten.

    But you can use SDFormatter tool to remove both partitions and create only one big one when you don't need this device for libreelec.

    Thanks. Makes sense

    I see that multiple instances can be opened using the same image to write to 2 or more SD's at the same time.
    That helps me a lot.

    When opening the Tool it remembers my last settings in Step 1
    When selecting the image file in step 2 the text in step 1 goes blank.
    It does however remember the settings and ypu can safely continue to write the image.
    When attempting to re-select the settings in step 1 the image selected in step 2 goes blank?

    Using windows 10

    Guessing their will be updates for bug fixes soon

    In fear of sounding stupid. Formatting is never mentioned in the help docs.
    I would guess that SDFormatter is still step one before using the tool?
    Meaning the tool does not handle formatting as well?