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    I have nfs mount like this:

    1. /tmp/g nfs ro,sync,noexec,relatime,vers=3,rsize=524288,wsize=524288,namlen=255,acregmin=0,acregmax=0,acdirmin=0,acdirmax=0,hard,noac,proto=tcp,port=2049,timeo=70,retrans=3,sec=sys,local_lock=none,addr= 0 0

    Files under the the /tmp/g are vissible like this:

    But when I add a video source like this:

    1. <source>
    2. <name>g</name>
    3. <path pathversion="1">/tmp/g/</path>
    4. <allowsharing>true</allowsharing>
    5. </source>

    all my videos (.avi, .mkv etc) kodi sees as a directories and when I press OK on remote it tries to "cd" in them:

    Mounting by smb works well.

    PS. I have Nexbox A95X 1/8 and LibreElec 8.1.8

    WiFi connection.

    PPS. It is quite possible that unfsd (user space nfs daemon) running on my NAS is quite buggy, but my other boxes (sat receivers and bd-player) see my nas pretty well.


    If you do not mind the remark: "I believe" belongs to the church. If you want to argue, please give empirical results from repeatable tests.

    Have you read my earlier message? :blush:

    And of course red led shines when this box is in poweroff or "suspension" state.
    NOT blue one.

    THE ONLY BOX with this power
    issue is the Nexbox A95X S905 1gb/8gb.


    I can understand your frustration, as my MXQ Pro 4k is also affected.

    It is NOT "THE ONLY" already. Is it?

    It is the job of this bootloader to wait for a power-on event (remote code, power button press, ...) and re-start the operating system.

    Yes. And it performs well when the operating system IS android.
    I believe libreelec shuts down hardware incorrectly.

    Are you asking a question about Android Firmware on your Nexbox A95x S905 or are you talking about LibreELEC issues ?
    There is no mention about LibreELEC in your details.

    You and kszaq both told that the on/off issue in a95x s905 1/8 is the firmware bug.
    So, as I can see you both were wrong.

    Some time ago kszaq told that android on my box does not use true suspension and shuts down hdmi only.
    So, again, as I can see it is not true.

    So. As I understand "on/off issue on a95x s905 1/8" is totally libreelec bug. Not box's firmware.

    "Android powers on" from complete Shutdown? Or just from stand by (no bootlogo, animation etc.)?

    Android works well with power on/off and suspension on "nexbox a95x s905 1/8".
    I use xbmc-launcher on android 5.1. It has different power options.
    Network connection is wifi.
    Full powering off and then powering on (with rcu) displays bootlogo.
    Suspend box --> the box cease to respond to ping and RCU (cursor position is not changed if I press navigation keys on remote).
    Waking up from this mode with remote works well, of course.
    How can I make sure that suspension on "nexbox a95x s905 1/8" is not real suspension?

    as it's listed under known issues.. once He has a fix he will remove it from the known issues section..

    Could you be so kind to point me the to right words in "known issues section" where master says about impossibility to turn box on after it was turned off ?
    Thank you.

    Besides, there is a topic on nexbox's site about the issue.

    Nexbox issue with Uboot

    I know this.
    To fix uboot they should release an update to their android?

    There's no Lirc and hence no irexec in these builds, so maybe not that straightforward.

    It is there

    LibreELEC:~ # which irexec
    LibreELEC:~ # /usr/bin/irexec -h
    Usage: /usr/bin/irexec [options] [config_file]
    -h --help display usage summary
    -v --version display version
    -d --daemon run in background
    -n --name use this program name
    LibreELEC:~ #

    But simple stopping of kodi does not turn off hdmi

    I programmed a small microcontroller to learn infrared codes and either simulate the hardcoded infrared code or simulate the button press directly. I think this could help you. Also I added a fan control to cool the device. I could provide preprogrammed uCs.

    I didn't understand anything you wrote. :)

    I think to make workaround I suggested is not difficult.
    All we need is to make kodi to ignore its "power" button (I think this controlled by /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/remote.xml), and use irexec to execute system command like this: "systemctl start/stop kodi.service"

    Maybe kszaq would be so kind to suggest the correct "key code" that should be caught?

    Thank you!

    Just leave it on, they take very little power.

    The box is quite hot and I'm not sure is it safe to leave it on all the time.
    Besides, the only purpose for this box for me is watching stream TV from my vu+ satellite receiver on another TV with "VU+ / Enigma2 Client" kodi add-on. So if I leave the box on, it leaves sat receiver busy.

    Stupid suggestion. If true power on/off is not possible, may be you can think about just shutting down kodi and starting it up again with rcu power button?

    You have to contact Nexbox and tell them to fix their u-boot. They ignored my requests, maybe they won't ignore you.

    I see...
    I foresee their reply. They sold the andriod box. Because there is no on/off problem in android so they have nothing to fix...
    Any way, thank you!

    Hi kszaq!
    Sorry for my stupid question but have you any plan to fix on/off issue on s905 1g 8m boxes?
    I have nexbox a95x (s905 1g 8m). On .007 I can switch it off but cant switch on again with rcu button. No matter whether wifi is connected or not.
    On .005 it is not possible to switch box off when wi-fi is on. Even "reboot -f" in ssh does not work.
    Thank you for your work!