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    kszaq implemented it into i version because some said that it should be fixed, i can only talk about my 2 devices, on them it doesn't work because i have to remove powercord to get the device up again

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    great work, it works really nice, only request i have is that it shows all available versions.

    Like i update my fathers device sometimes only once a month, so when i want to go to last version i need to install now all versions between them.

    Example: i had f installed and first had to install g to be able to install h

    what dtb did you use? Is your device a S905 or S905x? 1GB or 2GB? if it is a S905 and 1GB then did you try this dtb?


    with 7.90.beta2 (2017-01-15) i run it twice, but device doesn't boot.

    I tried also with SD Card running 7.90.beta2 (2017-01-15) and then flashed to internal and a second time and still the same, no boot up.

    So currently for me on NAND only works without any issues.