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    True. I had to change the folder from "vdr" to "tvh" in "Picon path" setting.

    Great, when it fitted to you! :thumbup: But that was not quite my problem. Everthing within TVH was correct - but there was a change in the naming within the share - therefore the path for the channelicons in KODI (!) did not work further;) (and it seemed, it blocked everything else witihn the PVR settings... ?!? I don't know.....).., I changed the path to the share from ".../Picons/... " to ".../picons/...." that caused the errors in the logfile....

    After that everythings worked smoothly... but, I downgrades to LE 9.2.6 for usability reasons ... for the moment at least .... :)


    Finally I soluted the screensaver "german muted vowel" problem within the screensaver Addon (it was a mixture of countrycodes/locales behaviour and differences between IPTC and XMP Data mechanisms within the Addoncode)

    Obviously there was a change in the code within the pointed data fields from python2 to python3 , that caused my troubles.

    Changing the IPTC "title" value from "headline" to "object name" solved this in the end.

    Thanks for any support given here! :)


    If you think that bugs are going to magically disappear by themselves... That's not gonna happen. But enjoy LE 9.x.

    Yes, thats right. That's not the point. But, why are you insulting/critizing me? The only thing I say is, that I've spent a lot of time in soluting a lot of problems after the upgrade from LE 10 - without any success. And now, I've no more time for that ... for the moment. That's all. Probably I'll have another try in the future - that was my statement! Sorry, when You felt different to that.

    Why should I use a system, that is not working for my purposes, while LE 9.2.6 ist doing it?

    And believe me: If I'd seen a chance to solve all of this by posting the debug-log, I'd already done it.

    And the last thing I mentioned (scrapers stuff) was only a systembehaviour I observed.. nothing else.



    Last Farewell to LE 10... (at least for a while)

    As I prepared to save some data form my LE 10, I became aware of another "bug", that I could reproduce several times. As you know, all my problems startet after changing to LE 10 vrom LE 9.2.6. Last probs were, that Kodi restartet with problems crashing by fast forward and backward videofiles and now by scraping videofiles with german titels with muted vowels and "ß" (as I guess, because the log ends every time with that). Finally I tried to change the scraper from "The Movie Database Python" to "Universal Movie Scraper" - and "Bang" -> TV Headendserver ends with the message, that it doenst work correkt anymore (same with "The Movie Database" (without Python)). The only solution was to reinstall the TVH Server to make it work again.

    Finally: I really don't know, if the german vowels and the "ß" are really responsible for that behaviour at last, but it ist the only thing I saw everytime as last row in the (Debug)Logs.



    Ok. Thanks a lot for your support and help. :thumbup:

    I wanted to check your suggestions out.

    EDIT: By the way, some of the mentioned MP4 Files were created by myself, so I think I know what they contain... :)

    But: In the meantime the situation is going worse and several things are going wrong for what reason ever: Now the scrapers (video, muscvideos) going "crazy" since the last addon updates. Kodi crashes now by scraping Files and folders with titles that contain German mutes vowels like ä, ü, ö and "ß". I tried every possible setting - no way succeeded.

    All in all the usability for me is now going to zero (together with my former posted screensaverproblems). I'll downgrade back to 9.2.6 - where all the "with LE 10 lost functions" worked brilliant and wait, until I've again more "patience" to try an upgrade again.... :)



    Good Morning!

    MP4/all Video clips seem now to crash/freeze with fast forward/backwards or using jump marks in Librelec 10.0.1 (Kodi 19.3). It happens only on my RPi with LE, on my 3 other windowsclients with Kodi 19.3. all works as specified - with the same MP4 files/Video clips from the same source. There's no crash log written by the system, but: The last row in kodi.old.log says "WARNING <general>: OutputPicture - timeout waiting for buffer". Seems to be a memory problem?

    I didn't find a fitting hint in my (short, I've to admit :blush: ) search in the web to my problem. Again, I can't remember this behaviour on LE 9.2.6. Do I have to change something within the configuration with LE 10?



    Thanks a lot for your hints. :)

    a) I concluded, that there' s a problem with TVH and the SMB or UNIX rights, because the error comes directly within the startentries of TVH in the log and DEBUG-log.

    b) I had a closer look at the picon section and the settings in the webgui of TVH again. After I've seen, that some (not all) channels now get the channel logo from file:///storage/picons/tvh after I changed some settings as supposed, I guess now, the the SMB error in the log have other reasons, which I have to find out. I'll post it here.

    c) Anyway: It seems, that I've to build my own smb.conf (it isn't my first :) ) - but I still wonder, where the settings for the "build in shares" (Recordings, Picons, Backup, Music, Update etc.) are hidden....



    Hello again!

    I'm not sure, where to put this thread (addon or general), so I try it here.

    A routine check of the kodi.log shows, that TVH obviously has no rights to load the chanel icons) beneath several othe shares):

     ERROR <general>: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://192.168.XXX.XXX/Picons/tvh'
                                                       unix_err:'d' error : 'Permission denied'

    I can reach all the smb shares on the Librelec (10.0.1) RPi 4 from all other devices - without any problems. I also checked the UNIX rights on the folders, which seems to be alright (40755 - that should grant read rights to all local users, or?).

    Where can I check and change the SMB-rights within Libreelec (the smb.conf just contains the min/max smb Versions and an include row) - or do I really have to create a brad new smb.con by my own?

    Thanks in advance! :)


    EDIT: I use TvH 4.2.8-36...

    A closer look at the comparsion of the code ( of the screensaver version 5.0.9 in LE 9.2, which worked perfectly, with the code in version 6.3.3 (which does not), let me guess, that there must be the reason in using python3 modules "exifread" and "iptcinfo3" (instead of EXIFvfs and ipctinfo in LE 9.2.). That are the main differences - and the main reasons of my problems, in my opinion. As I'm no programmer, my capabilities are at an end, for now. I decide to downgrade my whole environment back to LE 8.2 an Kodi 18 Lea, because this workes perfectly for me.

    Thanks for every support I received here.

    Short appendix

    Little steps forward:

    a) I found out by myself where to edit charactersets within the application of the screensaver (, but I'didn't get a satisfying result yet

    b) Reading the Kodi Log, I found the following line:

    "ERROR <general>: WARNING: problems with charset recognition (b'\x1b')

    After a short research, I guess it belongs to problems with python 3 and "iptcinfo", as far I understood it ("the code is parsing the value of Iptc.Envelope.CharacterSet wrong" someone wrote elsewhere). Or am I totally wrong? I'll keep on investigating ... :)

    Each Kodi version bump necessitates some rework from add-on authors, which creates an opportunity to fiddle and change things, and K18 > K19 included the Python2 > Python3 change which almost certainly mandated some rework. So where, say, the Krypton and the Leia versions of the add-on are probably quite similar, the Leia and Matrix versions are very likely to have bigger changes. The author is key..


    It seems, that I'll recieve no answer to my questions from the author.

    Thanks a lot for your support. In case I'll find the/a solution, I'll post it here.


    Sorry, it's not clear. Did setting the locale work? .. or you made some other changed that worked? Or it is still not working?

    :) - no matter.

    a) I installed an rebooted the system the way you suggested.

    b) Afterwards I edited the EXIF-Data of some pictures with my windows program and saved them (standard presentations: XMP instead EXIF).

    c) Obviously, that worked fine in the screensaver (all muted vowels were shown)

    Because it worked under LE 9.2, b) is not the desired soution, as this means to edit manually thousands of pictures .....

    So far now clear? Anyway, thanks for your replies and help!


    Did you install and then set the system locale to DE and reboot .. or just install the add-on?

    I did it the way you said: Installing, set the system to the german locale and rebooted the system.

    I also changed the presentation state within my photo program (from EXIF to XMP and IPTC) by incident. This succeeded to my surprise, but means in the end to touch and to edit thousands of pictures, which I try to avoid by all means, as you can imagine :-/ .



    LibreELEC repo > services > locale

    OK. Thanks :) .

    But I think, there was a missunderstanding. I thought, you meant a locale, that should be delievered with the add-on (a locale, which obviouslydoes not exist, I'm afraid). The Kodi/LE German locale worked fine before within Kodi/LE after the update. But inspite of that, I hopefully installed thle locale out of the rep - and it had no effect.

    As you suggested, I posted it in the blog an I'am still waiting for an answer. But I believe, that the problem is hidden in a change form LE 9.2 to LE 10..... :) I'll keep you informed ....