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    I hope you get this sorted out. I will soon be going down that road with the built in Argon One IR receiver.

    For now, I am using FLIRC receivers on my two LibreELEC units and Harmony 665 remotes. They work pretty well but I prefer the key mappings of the MCE remote so I've ordered a pair of MCE IR receivers from eBay. I think it cost something like $25 for both, coming from Asia.

    I apologize if my post is unhelpful but I would like to share the strategy of going with what works and working offline on new configurations. Few things in life are more frustrating than having no TV and your wife asking when it will be fixed. Pi are cheap enough that it's a good idea to have spare, anyway.

    I bought my Argon One cases without knowing about the IR receiver. They are great cases, even without the receiver.

    It seems reasonable, we should be able to reverse engineer a remote and create the XML to use in a Harmony. I look forward to watching this develop.

    Does execute before the graphics subsystem is initialized?

    It takes my TV 15 seconds to appear to exist to my RPi4. Every time I start my system, I need to walk over and power cycle the RPi.

    Is it possible to delay boot for 15s, including monitor detection?