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    I am running Radarr with Bazarr along with using Transmission as my download client. I wanted to use a different drive for my downloads but Transmission errors out with "Error: Read-only file system"(and is transferred down to Radarr). In what way should I modify the filesystem without ruining it completely?(like I did once with Ubuntu by letting everything run on sudo level)

    Looking at the permissions of files in the drive, it doesn't seem to be an issue of permissions. The permissions are the same as the ones for the transmission folders where it originally downloaded stuff... I know Radarr can access the drive because it moved a movie that I previously donwloaded from my primary drive to the secondary one. Radarr also gives this error: "Local download client Transmission places downloads in /media/disk/transmission but this is not a valid libreelec path. Review your download client settings."

    So a status update, I used a live Ubuntu image to try and format the disk. Ran into:

    partition length of 5860530176 sectors exceeds the msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum of 429496729

    So the issue was that the msdos partition table causes the max partition size to be 2TB. I changed the partition table to GPT and then partitioned it with ext4(it didn't want to mount the disk on Ubuntu either so I just went ahead with formatting). Now it appears in Kodi too! Thanks a lot guys.

    xfs or lvm partition?

    Not sure about that.

    I currently have seven HDD's connected and one of them is a 10TB and another is 8 TB. Libreelec mounts all of them, two of them are 3TB. Mine are all connected by USB, five are in an external enclosure the other two are in individual enclosures. I would go with that too if I were you.

    Unfortunately that's not an option for me. I would vastly prefer faster read and write speeds than USB 3.0 can do(my motherboard doesn't have thunderbolt etc) and I would like all drives to remain within the system itself to prevent someone clumsy just knocking them over...

    The drive has never even touched a Windows machine. Again it was running in a goflex which is a linux based system.

    Yeah the Toshiba drive is my 1TB hard drive connected on SATA 2 while the 3TB Seagate is connected to SATA 1.


    It doesn't get mounted, as isn't the 2nd attached drive.

    Does this mean that I should move it to SATA 3?

    For blkid:

    For mount:

    For dmesg:

    The drive is not externally powered. Power comes from a 450W PSU and a SATA cable goes directly to the Mobo. BTW, I tried using this drive externally from some really cheap SATA to USB connector but it couldn't run the disk(doesn't show and drive wasn't vibrating). The drive also has some sticker which says that extra drivers might be needed to run drives over 2TB(although it's from 2011 so I'm not sure if that holds any more.)


    I recently added a 3TB hard drive from my old Seagate FreeAgent Goflex Home(which is a tiny NAS) to my new(ish) x86_64 system which only runs LibreELEC. This drive either has lots of movies or nothing at all and I want to keep those movies(if they are there). I plugged the drive in from SATA and booted the OS from my other 1TB drive but it isn't detected at all by LibreELEC although the BIOS does detect the drive. df -h doesn't show it either nor anything else I've tried(parted etc.). Some extra info I have is that the goflex ran a linux based system(so it should be ext4).