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    Hi guys,

    Any idea on how to revert from this to the original android image on a wetek hub ?

    The box can boot from internal LE, but doesn't seem to want to update to anything from recovery. If I boot it up by holding the reset button for more than 10s, it just doesn't show anything - not even the boot logo or recovery menu.

    thanks a lot in advance.

    edit: resolved. deleting 'recovery.img' from the sd-card made it work.

    As stated on the rPi website (here, here and discussed here), with the raspberry pi 3, there is now the possibility to boot directly from a mass storage device, such as an USB stick or hard drive, and from network, without the necessity of a microSD card installed.
    I want to ask if anyone did this with LE, and if not, if there's any possibility to update the LibreELEC USB-SD Creator to write USB sticks compatible with this feature, considering it has to have an updated bootcode.bin (issued in the 'next' branch of rPi firmware) and a proper cmdline.txt (at the moment, the USB stick written with the Pi image of Libreelec contains a cmdline.txt that references the SD partition).

    thank you

    kszaq i have made some observations relating to "when", available memory decreases.
    It seems that playing video files uses up some memory but recovers after playback. Playing video files isn't where the memory usage suddenly climbs.
    I have found that using GUI in browsing add-on files and library files in the home network etc, causes available memory to get down to under 180mb available and then a freeze.
    It is no big deal for me just an observation on when it happens.

    kszaq  kostaman
    Any idea if this can be resolved in future LE builds ? As it is, the Wetek Hub is unusable for people accessing the media library through an addon.
    I try using it as a plex client through either PKC or PlexBMC, and it freezes in no time just by browsing the library.
    Android works fine, but CEC and bluetooth implementations there are really iffy...


    On Wetek Hub, I have the memory leak problem in all builds (tried both kszak and wrxtasy releases). It seems to me the memory usage builds up as I browse the library. After a few hours, it freezes. There are a few people on the wetek hub forums complaining of the same issue.
    I am using a plex addon (PKC) to access the library, which is working flawlessly on the Hub under Android, and also on raspberry Pi (also 1gb ram) under Libreelec - with no issues, so it doesn't seem to be an addon problem.
    I have patiently waited for some fix to show up, tried all LE builds in the last few months, but unfortunately for me the box is unusable until this gets fixed...

    ermethic We use the same CEC implementation in our builds: Amlogic driver with support for libCEC from Raybuntu. Not all buttons are recognized because in my builds device is identified as "Player" and not "Recorder" in which case all buttons work. This is to prevent having double devices in CEC menu as this is causing issues for some TVs (including mine).

    You can change it quite easily. Please read these two posts to change CEC behaviour:

    Thanks a lot ! That should be stickied somewhere, it's great information :)

    I have a question about the CEC implementation:

    In wrxtasy's wetek hub LE image thread on the hub support forum, there was one version of CEC implementation that worked flawlessly (LibreELEC-WeTek_Hub.aarch64-7.0.2.Hybrid.CEC.tar) - all buttons pressed on my remote were passed through CEC with no issues.
    Everything after that release and all of kszak's releases that I tested, feature a CEC implementation that does let me use only some basic keys on the remote (arrows, enter) - the rest don't make it through CEC anymore and get interpreted by the TV directly (most I miss the page up / down, and ANY key that I can map to context menu, which I can't do atm).

    Any idea if this is an issue that can be resolved ? Maybe I could get the CEC implementation from that release and optionally use it in other releases ? It's a big turnoff for me, since it's the same behaviour under android too, and was hoping to switch to LE for that reason alone...

    thank you...

    Is it possible to boot the Wetek Hub from USB ?
    I wrote the img to a USB stick but it doesn't show me the menu to boot from it when rebooting, like it does when i have the bootable SD card in, it just goes straight to internal nand boot.