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    Not sure if it's appropriate but I raised a ticket (#54).

    Just tried 8.95.001 on this little Haswell based Acer Revo RL85 Celeron 2957U "NUC" look-alike.

    Install went fine.

    Added my videos source to my server (OMV).

    Play a video file and first 9-10 seconds plays and freezes.

    Same happens if the content is played locally (from a USB drive).

    Log files were posted.

    Is this Haswell Celeron GPU not supported ?

    Possibly, please post the content of your my-advancedsettings.xml file. It's entirely possible for the latest Kodi 18a1 to crash because of some addon and it's settings, but I've not yet seen a crash caused by advancedsettings.xml.

    I found the problem with advancedsettings.xml. The problem was the IP address setting of the mysql server.

    Kodi had not crashed but waiting. I managed to SSH into LE.

    When I re-built the SD card for the new test build, I copied the advancedsettings.xml file to the Userdata folder.

    BUT I have two versions of that file (one for my bro's NAS and one of mine). I copied his instead of mine by mistake.

    My NAS has the IP but the advancedsettings.xml file I copied had so kodi has waiting for mysql server that did not exist. As soon I changed the IP address to the correct value, kodi came up and started syncing my library.

    BTW, I still think that this "feature" is not the right behaviour. Even with the "Wait for Network to startup" settings, Kodi should "give up waiting for mysql server" after a user defined time out an assume the server does not exist instead of just "hanging" for ever.

    It's now prepared to be in 8.2

    Thx :thumbup:

    milhouse thx for adding the SD-card reader to the boot kernel. It works !

    I did as you suggested and manually updated the LE 8.0.2 build by copying the KERNEL & SYSTEM files (and *.md's).

    On first (off USB carder reader), it hung at the Kodi 18.0 splash screen.

    I powered-off, inserted the SD card into the card reader and booted. Again it hung at the Kodi splash screen but at least it was booting further than before. I powered off.

    I then did what mglae suggested (thanks) to build another SD card with LE 8.0.2 build from scratch, booted it, and updated with test build.

    Booted off the PCI card reader and shown the default Estuary skin.:thumbup:

    The reason it hung at the Kodi 18.0 splash screen seems to be related to the inclusion advancedsettings.xml file in my user data folder.

    I went back to my original SD card that I updated with the test build and renamed advancedsettings.xml file to my-advancedsettings.xml and it booted normally.

    So there seems to be a problem with parsing/reading/handling of the advancedsettings.xml file ?

    But basically, booting from Realtek PCIe reader works. Thx for it's inclusion milhouse.

    It would be nice to see it in the next build of LE 8.0.X ;)

    The needed driver rtsx_pci_sdmmc is build as module and therefore not available at boot time.

    You have to use the USB card reader until the kernel configuration is changed.

    I will PR the change and get you informed.

    Thx for the explanation.

    I thought it looked liked the driver not built-into the boot kernel.

    Many thanks for your proactive support.

    If there's any pre-testing required, let me know.

    Yes, after booting the SD from USB, and inserting the second SD card in the PCIe SD card reader, it works fine.

    See attached lsmod and dmesg (see last two lines in the dump).

    It's just the booting from the PCIe SD-card reader that is the problem.

    The LE bootable SD card was created using the LE Installer from scratch (formatted by the LE Installer).



    So i'm wondering if another bootloader and traces of an older OE install are present on the 1TB /dev/sda device? - because using disk labels in the boot config is how things used to be done. LE has only ever used the UUID method.

    The 1TB HDD has a standard Win 10 (upgraded from Win8.1) UEFI OS.

    The LE SD card was cleanly created using the LE SD-USB Creator Installer App. Never had OE.

    I am assuming that the SD-USB Installer App created the syslinux.cfg file. I looked in /flash/EFI/boot/syslinux.cfg and it contains:

    DEFAULT linux
    PROMPT 0
    LABEL linux
     APPEND boot=LABEL=System disk=LABEL=Storage  quiet

    The same SD card boots via USB but not via SD-Card Reader.

    What's the difference in the two boot scenarios ?

    Not breaking the etiqutte.

    Well I put it in the general problem page originally thinking it's something obvious that someone will recognise.

    Now I think it's a bug report so I am "officially reporting" it here.

    If the general problem report page is ALSO for bug reports please state that on the page to avoid the confusion and stop people from posting to this page.

    Feel free to delete my post from the general problem page.

    Got a really cheap Acer Revo RL85 with Haswell Celeron.

    It has a PCIe based SD-Card reader on the top.

    I installed latest LE onto an SD-Card but inserted it into the SD-Card reader and rebooted.

    After a few seconds, I get :

    I type EXIT and get this:

    If I keep entering EXIT, it eventually panics and crashes:

    If I insert the SD-card into a SD-to-USB adapter, and boot off the USB, then all is fine.

    It appears that the SD card is not fully mounted by the LE because there's not an appropriate driver for the PCIe based SD Card reader ?

    It's a Realtek RTS5229 device.

    I prefer to use the SD-Card reader to boot to keep the USB sockets for other peripherals.

    LE v8.0.2

    UEFI boot.

    Cannot provide debug log as I cannot get it to boot from the builtin SD-Card reader.

    All the h/w info are in the attached dumps.

    I can boot the same SD card when inserted into USB card reader.

    Attached dmesg, lspci and lsusb dumps.




    Please let know if I need to provide anything else.

    Not without a gpu, it's why people like myself are waiting on a Kabylake based nuc to be released. Kabylake "should" be the first intel processor to support hardware hevc deconding. Any previous generation will be relying on a gpu for hardware acceleration.

    Braswell iGPU will decode 8-bit HVEC in h/w no problem. There are very few mainstream discrete GPU's out there that can do 10-bit HVEC. And those that do are not ideal for HTPC.

    Does it work WITHOUT the dedicated usb IR receiver that comes with it ?
    That is, does the remote work with the NUC's built-in IR receiver ?

    If not, then it's not a solution (for me).

    They do. That was one of the first things I thought when I got it. I was sure I'd be accidentally typing on it all the time. In reality, it's never actually happened. The keys need enough pressure that just holding the remote, you won't press them. But I've tested it, and the keyboard works regardless of position.

    Understood. Thx.

    Just curious, does Intel Braswell support hardware decode for hevc h.265 format?

    I've read about it here and there that it does. But on my Zotac box mini pc (Intel N3150), I tried LibreELEC and It got only software decode on hevc h.265 content.

    The N3700 does. But needed a special OE build from Fritz that enabled the H.265 hardware decode.
    I tested it and worked great.

    Not sure if LE current or Alpha builds have this driver built in as default.

    The August remote is pretty darned cool, actually. It's the Swiss army knife of remotes...something for every need. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's kind of a blocky, wide design so it's not as comfortable in the hand as other remotes. But for functionality it's awesome. And if you've ever played a Wii, the air remote will feel familiar.

    One question about the August remote: when holding the remote with up,down, left, right, and Ok keys facing up and the keypad/character underneath, what happens if you accidentally press the character keys underneath (do they transmit) ?

    The XBOX is RC6 compatible. The only real issue with the xbox remote is the xbox-button which switches on/off the xbox but on KODI it's the home button. The other buttons do not interfere (unless the got switched on).
    Thx for the link to your reviews. AUGUST remote looks interesting.

    I have NUC5PPYH. Currently use an XBOX remote. This is not ideal as the XBOX is also connected to the same TV and interfere when using KODI.

    Apart from gorite CEC device, do you have any other good recommendations for a remote that works with NUC ?