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    Disclosure, I am a windows user, however I have wanted to try out a linux os for a long time. I just got a hold of an older 'mini pc' that has an AMD chip.

    AMD Radeon™ HD 7340 GPU
    AMD Dual-Core Processor E2-1800

    This is a new pc in the sense is it was barebones, no hdd, no ram. Purchased a Kingston 64gb for cheap, 8gb of ram for cheap. Whole thing was like 50bucks 'new'.

    I followed the instructions used the LibreELEC USB-SD program to write a generic amd build from the list, into a 16GB USB stick.

    I installed it from the usb stick upon startup to the HDD.

    Now during boot up, it hangs on this error...over and over till it fills up the screen and just keeps going till I manually shut down the pc. I tried running it from the USB stick 'live' or 'run', same problem.

    [ok] stopped connection service

    starting connection service
    [failed] Failed to start Connection Service,

    see 'systemctl status connman.service' for details

    And those lines just repeat over and over.

    I have no clue where to look for any error log since it's running from the usb (even though I did install it to the hdd). No other OS is on the hdd.